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September 16th – 19th, 2024


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January 12, 2009

The quantity or volume of natural gas that is produced, transported, stored, and distributed in today’s market is ever increasing, and with it the importance of accurate measurement continues to grow exponentially. Verifying the exact composition of the product is not only important from an economic standpoint, but it is also important from a product treatment standpoint as well. The reason being is that natural gas is used as feedstock for numerous petrochemical product streams. The final product, which will be derived from the gas feedstock, depends greatly on the composition and BTU level of the initial gas supply. Any small up front investment that is made to determine correctly the gas composition, will quickly allow one to recoup that investment, time and effort put into the proper equipment, which is designed specifically to obtain an optimum gas sample. Additionally, if approved sampling procedures are followed, the potential for financial disputes between a supplier and customer will be greatly reduced. As natural gas becomes increasingly more scarce and costly to produce, the importance of properly and accurately determining the composition of the gas product will continue to be paramount to all parties involved

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