Requirements Of An Egm Editor

Author: Michael SquyresDownload File

The natural gas industry’s adoption of EGM as a means of increasing the speed and accuracy with which measurement information is obtained, has created the need for an electronic data management system. Properly designed and implemented, a measurement data management system adds functionality that complements the power of the hardware. With proper implementation, such a system will not only facilitate operations in today’s fast paced, post-FERC 636 environment, but also will establish a foundation for meeting tomorrow’s measurement challenges. An effective EGM data editing software package will provide a suite of tools to facilitate accurate, timely data processing. It will do this in a structured, feature rich, well-designed environment utilizing a graphical user interface (GUI). The program must include following functions: import the data; recognize, review, and correct anomalies; report; export; and provide advanced ad hoc query capabilities. Other considerations should include the developer’s commitment, resources, and long term strategy; vis-à-vis electronic gas measurement, as well as industry’s overall acceptance of the package