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September 16th – 19th, 2024


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January 12, 2005

Today’s business environment requires the natural gas industry to perform many critical functions; such as, measurement, gas control, and odorization. Accurate measurement is a complex process involving a variety of equipment, procedures and people. The result is an accurate accounting of gas bought and sold. Gas Control is also a complex process that requires a sophisticated communications network and experienced personnel, resulting in a reliable supply of natural gas for transportation or distribution. However, the odorization program is the most difficult and most important of any function performed by the natural gas industry. The result is a safe public. A comprehensive odorization program includes a safe method of delivery, a consistent technique of introducing it into the pipeline, an accurate monitoring program, and a reliable reporting system. Many times a company is required to deliver large quantities of odorant in populated areas or deliver smaller amounts to multiple rural locations. In either case it is important to establish policies and procedures to safely handle and deliver the chemical. Next, a company must select the equipment that will consistently introduce the desired amount of odorant into the pipeline. In addition, the company must determine strategic locations for the equipment to ensure even distribution of the chemical that is injected. Finally, the most important aspect of the odorization program is establishing an accurate testing method and a reliable reporting structure

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