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January 12, 2001

The EMC Chart Integrator, Model 362, is a digital computer based system for translating orifice meter chart records into accurate billing-compatible data on integrated flow (chart extension), average pressure and flow time. It is designed to accommodate American/ Barton and Foxboro charts, as the pens can be mounted so as to pivot in the same geometric paths as the recording pens of these types of meters. As an option, the Chart Integrator can be fitted with pens for a third chart geometry if required. The operator places the Chart Integrator pens on the appropriate lines on the orifice chart while applying pressure to the foot control, the chart will begin to rotate. The rotation and motion of the pens simulate the action of the meter. At the end of the chart the Chart Integrator computes and prints the extension, pressure and flow time for that recording. The operator will then place the chart into the printer and the chart extension, average pressure, flow time and current date will be printed onto the back of the chart for validation. At chart validation the extension and the number of charts validated are recorded in the Chart Integrator’s memory as a batch total. This batch total can be printed and cleared upon demand by the operator at any time

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