Natural Gas Sampling For Custody Transfer

Author: David J. FishDownload File

The necessity to be able to take a representative sample of the hydrocarbon product known as natural gas is to ensure proper accounting for transactions and efficient product processing. The various sampling methods that are available and the most widely known options and limitations of these methods are discussed here. The appropriate equipment to use and the reasons for their use and correct installation of the equipment are also addressed.


In the last 25 years, the natural gas pipeline industry has transitioned from the supplier of clean, dry natural gas to the mover of billable gas energy; clean and dry or dirty and wet. The amount of hydrocarbon product that is transported between producer, processor, distributor and user is significant. To be able to verify the exact composition of the product is important from an economic and product treatment standpoint. In addition, if the best sampling procedures are followed, the potential for disputes between supplier and customer will be greatly reduced. The importance of properly determining hydrocarbon gas composition benefits all parties involved and will achieve greater significance as this resource becomes more expensive and plays a larger role in our energy needs worldwide.