Micro Gas Chromatography For Liquid Petroleum Gass

Author: Amorin A., D’Agostaro L.,Diersche Y., Gonzalez, ADownload File

For years, micro GC analysis has been useful as a powerful tool for the fast and reliable analyses of natural gas and other gaseous matrices but, it is yet to prove its capabilities for liquid samples. In this paper, we present a a unique gasifying system for volatile liquid sample introduction in a micro GC. The system has been tested with a wide range of different samples: liquefied gases (ethane/propane blends, volatile liquids (natural gasoline from fractionation plants), butane blends and samples with olefins and C6+s. Due to the different nature of the samples, a single point calibration was used. The system was designed for simple operation and maintenance, reducing time and increasing ease of operation when compared to regular Gas Chromatography analyses. All the samples were handled in the same way with the only variation being the response factors applied to each type of sample. Repeatability data will be presented from both calibration standard blends and from real world samples. Also presented are comparisons of the micro GC results with conventional GC data.