Integrating And Trending Usm, Flow Computer, And Chromatograph Diagnostics To Identify Measurement Problems

Author: Lynette Welker PierceDownload File

In order to understand ultrasonic meter and measurement diagnostics in general, we will need to know some facts about data and how the Oil and Gas Industry is handling technology. Today’s technology requires that we must account for all of the information being pushed our way. Whether it is our refrigerator, the home security alarm, or the average television/smart phone, all of these individual pieces of equipment are constantly bombarding us with new information. This information collects over time forming tendencies and trends that, in time, essentially results in what we know as Big DATA. Can you imagine if the average homeowner or apartment dweller had to somehow warehouse and observe all of that data, and THEN make their decisions based upon what the data was telling them?! That would be a full‐time job in itself.