Integrating And Trending Usm, Flow Computer, And Chromatograph Diagnostics To Identify Measurement Problems

Author: Ed HanksDownload File

Today’s smart measurement devices produce significant diagnostics information. When the diagnostics from the various
devices are collected, trended, and integrated, operators can remotely and continuously identify measurement problems. The vocabulary associated with this topic is evolving. In the past, the industry used terms such as SCADA and Condition Based Monitoring to describe this process. These terms are being replaced by terms such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data Analytics, and even AI. In either case, this paper looks at the problems associated with collecting, trending, and integrating diagnostics information. It then gives examples of how diagnostics can be used to identify measurement problems. Finally, the paper provides an example of the reduction in exposure to Lost and Unaccounted For gas (LAUF) that operators may expect through implementing comprehensive diagnostic monitoring and analysis systems.