Improving Flow Measurements With Improved Calibration And Data Handling Procedures

Author: Duane HarrisDownload File

The knowledge base and continual flow of information from a field measurement technician to the measurement analyst located in the corporate office is extremely demanding.

Every field technician is tested in both knowledge and skills on a daily basis regarding:

  •   Electronic controls to pneumatic controls
  •   Communication system support
  •   Multiple technical disciplines
  •   Support of measurement equipment – Primary Device, Secondary Device, and Tertiary Device
  •   Support of verification equipment
  •   Adhering to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  •   Regulatory requirements governing the facilities
  •   Ongoing training

    These factors and many more create a tremendous and constant challenge for every organization.

    The measurement analyst requires a completely different set of skills to interpret and understand the information received from the field regarding testing and calibration of the meter. The task for the measurement analyst is to absorb the wealth of information presented and utilize their extensive knowledge base in determining when a current month adjustment or even a prior month adjustment is warranted. Each time an analyst reviews data from the field, a question should be asked, “Did the technician and analyst follow the correct procedures in performing the calibration and performing the adjustment?”