Improving Flow Measurement With Improved Calibration 2019

Author: Duane Harris

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The continual flow of information from field measurement technicians to measurement analysts in the corporate office is extremely demanding and creates tremendous and constant challenges for all organizations.

Every day, measurement technicians test their knowledge and skill sets regarding:

  • Electronic and pneumatic controls
  • Communication system support
  • Multiple technical disciplines
  • Measurement and verification equipment
  • Keeping current with applicable measurement standards
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Facility regulatory requirements
  • Ongoing training

    Measurement analysts require a completely different skillset to verify the flow measurement data along with interpreting the meter testing and calibration data received from the field. Analysts are tasked with absorbing large quantities of information and utilizing their extensive knowledge base to determine whether a current month adjustment or even prior month(s) adjustments are warranted.

    Throughout the process, maintaining data integrity requires all parties to continually ask: “Did the technician and analyst follow the correct procedures in performing the calibration and the adjustment?”