History Of The American School Of Gas Measurement Technology

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The First Annual Gulf Coast Measurement Short Course (GCMSC) was held in Houston, Texas in October, 1966, under the sponsorship of the Gulf Coast Measurement Society and the University of Houston. Following the 1973 Short Course, the relationship with the University of Houston was terminated and the Short Course became affiliated with Texas A&I University. In 1974, the Executive Committee voted to accept participation by other affiliated organizations to enhance the growth of the Short Course. The Corpus Christi Area Measurement Society became affiliated in 1975, the Southern Gas Association (SGA) and the Victoria Area Measurement Society followed in 1976, the Texas Gas Association in 1978, and the Northeast Texas Measurement Society in 1981. In 1989, several changes were made. The Victoria Area Measurement Society was discontinued as an affiliate and the Permian Basin Measurement Society was added as a new affiliate to the Short Course. One affiliate had a name change. The Northeast Texas Measurement Society is now known as the North Texas Measurement Association. The Southern Gas Association has since discontinued their affiliation with the School