Fundamentals Of Ngl Sampling Systems

Author: Dominic Giametta & Jim KlentzmanDownload File

The purpose of this paper is to discuss in depth the systems we use as a standard to sample natural gas liquids, or NGL’s. Before we discuss the systems and methods used to sample these products, we must first clearly define what NGL’s are. NGL’s can be a combination of any fluid in liquid form that is taken from the pipeline under pressure. Typically, “NGL” refers mainly to ethane, propane, butanes, and natural “gasolines” (pentanes) & condensates. Because of the broad range of products that can be claimed as NGL’s, there are many different approaches to the methods by which we sample them. The common thread among all NGL’s is that these products; in order to be maintained and properly sampled, require the use of specific sampling techniques unique to light liquid and NGL sampling.