Considerations For Selecting A Host System For Upstream And Midstream Gas Operations

Author: Edward H. SmythDownload File

Operators of gas assets face a bewildering number of options when considering the installation of a central host system to monitor and control field operations. These options generally fall into two categories as described below. Measurement systems, which come in two basic flavors: Systems provided by EFM vendors, such as Totalflow’s WinCCU and NuFlo’s ScanWin • Larger scale third party measurement systems such as FlowCal and Quorum SCADA systems, which also come in two basic flavors: • Generic HMI development systems such as Wonderware’s InTouch and GE’s Intellution which are typically customized for gas operations by a system integrator • True SCADA systems, especially those specifically developed for oil and gas such as SCADA Vision from ABB and Oasys from Telvent