Communication Between The Office And The Field

Author: Duane HarrisDownload File

Transferring the knowledge base regarding the measurement equipment between a field measurement technician and a corporate measurement analyst can be extremely challenging. A Field technician’s skill set is tested on a routine basis; therefore, the technician must be knowledgeable in:

  • electronic controls to pneumatic controls x communication system support x multiple disciplines
  • support of measurement equipment x procedures that must be followed
  • regulatory requirements governing the facilities
  • ongoing training of field personnel

Each organization is constantly facing challenges due to these factors as well as many others. Evaluating periodic data, testing, and calibration procedures requires two different skills sets depending on if you are a field technician or a cement analyst. The task for the measurement analyst is to absorb the wealth of information presented, and utilize their extensive knowledge base in order to determine when a current month adjustment or even a prior month adjustment is warranted.