Application And Verification Of Coriolis Meters For Gas Measurement

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Since the early 1980s, Coriolis meters have gained worldwide acceptance in gas, liquid, and slurry applications with an installed base of more than 600,000 units. Through significant design enhancements in the early 1990s Coriolis meters have rapidly gained worldwide acceptance in gas phase applications with over 40,000 meters installed worldwide and most notably the 2003 publication of AGA Report Number 11, Measurement of Natural Gas by Coriolis Meter. technologies i.e. the flow area trough a turbine meter is area not displaced by the turbine internals and rotor, the flow area of an orifice meter is that of the orifice diameter. Because of this relationship, a Coriolis meter will typically be one pipe size smaller than a turbine meter and several sizes smaller than an orifice while having similar pressure drops at flowing pressures in the 300 ANSI class and above.