An Overview Of The Mccrometer V-cone Meter American School Of Gas Measurement Technology 2003

Author: Dr. RJW Peters, Dr. R. StevenDownload File

The V-Cone meter is a differential pressure (DP) type meter patented by McCrometer Inc. a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation. The V-Cone meter is in many respects a classical DP meter using the physical laws of the conservation of mass and energy as its principle of operation. However, there are important differences between the V-Cone meter design and other DP meter types. These differences give the V-Cone meter important performance advantages. These advantages nclude the ability of the V-Cone meter to operate with very short upstream and downstream straight pipe lengths, to create a low total pressure (or “head loss”), to create a very stable DP, to give a large turn down, to create relatively low signal noise and to cope well with liquid and particulates in the gas stream. The aim of this paper is to discuss the design of the V-Cone meter and explain why this design gives these advantages over traditional DP meters