A Review Of The Revisions To Api 14.3 / Aga 3 – Part 2

Author: Tom CatheyDownload File

In April of 2000, revisions to the specification and installation requirements for orifice meters was published by the American Gas Association in the form of the AGA Report No. 3 – Part 2, Fourth Edition. This purblication is also correctly known as API 14.3, Part 2, ANSI/API 14.3, Part 2-2000 and GPA 8185, Part 2. This report applies to fluids that are considered to be clean, single-phase, homogenous and Newtonian measured using concentric, square edged, flange-tapped orifice meters.The requirements for the construction of orifice meter tubes, as defined in this publication, will be discussed in greater detail throughout this paper