A New Perspective On Measurement

Author: Lohit Datta-BaruaDownload File

Everything we do must have business relevance or must add value. This is true not only for measurement process, but for every process we are involved in. One must constantly question our action and not fall in the trap of “that’s the way we have always done it.” This paper provides a new perspective on measurement in light of changing business environment, competition, and technology. We have heard words such as “Measurement is the cash register,” “Measurement is a necessary evil,” “Measurement is an inexact science,” etc., and there may be some truth in them. We recognize that new technology and a new business environment have complicated our lives, yet our overall view remains very narrowly and technically focused. Measurement “gurus” talk about the “technical defensibility” of what we do without taking responsibility for its economic impact. We revise technical documents, and we get carried way with the best accuracy at any cost. We apply the latest and greatest supercompressibility calculations to six decimal places to calculate a few MCF of gas flow through an oversized meter run that has not been checked in a long time. The bottom line is: We cannot see the forest for the trees