Scada And Telemetry In Gas Transmission Systems

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Modern business and security imperatives coupled with rapid technological change require key new architectural elements for SCADA systems These elements are discussed along with more traditional block diagram fundamentals, so that the reader might better understand migration and adaptation strategies for their transmission pipeline operations in the new millennium

D.o.t. Title 49 Regulations For Transportation Of Sample Containers

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During my travels around the United States talking about sampling and sample containers, it has come to my attention that the oil and gas industry in the United States needs to be a little better informed on proper handling, shipping, and transportation of sample containers of all types. Since everybody in the oil, gas, and […]

Advanced Communication Design

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A part of the decision making process when selecting the specific wireless communication devices for a project should be a complete understanding of all the challenges and needs of the project. If you have completed the Telemetry Questionnaire outlined in the Basic paper, you have answered most of the questions necessary to understand the requirements […]

Pipeline Safety Improvement Act And Operator Qualification

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The Qualification of Pipeline Personnel (OQ) rule requires pipeline Operators to develop and maintain a written qualification program for individuals performing covered tasks on pipeline facilities. The qualification rule intents to ensure a qualified pipeline work force and to reduce the probability and consequence of incidents caused by human error. The final rule created new […]

Proper Testing Of Odorant Concentration Levels

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Proper odorant monitoring is required to keep natural gas utilities under compliance with federal and state regulations. These monitoring requirements are generally handled through a combination of events including; injection rate calculations, customer complaint calls, routine service personnel tests, odor concentration tests and chromatographic analysis. In the world today it is critical to have appropriate […]

Fundamental Principles Of Gas Turbine Meters

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Gas Turbine Meters have developed greatly since their introduction to the US 1963. From the mechanically gear driven version, meters have developed into fully electronic designs and self-correcting models. Although these technological developments have greatly improved the application of the meter, the meters basic design and principles have remained very similar

An Overview And Update Of Aga 9

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The American Gas Association has published (June, 1998) a recommended practice; Report No. 9; Measurement of Gas by Multipath Ultrasonic Meters., This paper reviews some of the key contents of A.G.A.-9 including recommended meter performance requirements, design features, testing procedures, and installation criteria. An update for the committee work In progress for year 2001 and […]

Transient Lightning Protection For Electronic Measurement Devices

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Technology advances in the world of semiconductors and microprocessors are increasing at a breathtaking pace. The density of transistor population on integrated circuits has increased at a rate unimaginable just a few years ago. The advantages are many: faster data acquisition, real time control, and fully automated factories, to name a few

Report On Api 21.1 Egm Standard

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A QUICK WORD ABOUT NOMENCLATURE Since this report references both itself and the 21.1 standard, the following nomenclature has been adopted to make it clear which document is being referenced. report – references this document, the one you are now reading. standard references the 21.1 standard, unless otherwise noted. section and subsection both refer to […]

Understanding The Different Standards That Govern Measuremen

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A number of questions should be answered regarding the origin of Measurement Standards used in the United States. Why do we need measurement standards? Who decides when a standard will be written? What group undertakes the preparation of a document? How much time is spent writing a document? Who decides the document is adequate and […]