Papers: 2013

Problems Unique To Offshore Gas Measurement

Author: Jackie R. TimsDownload File

Some major problems and unique solutions will be addressed with gas measurement on offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. This presentation will show the major roll safety, transportation, and weather play in the measurement facility. Proper operation, design, and installation will ensure accurate measurement

Improving Flow Measurements With Improved Calibration And Data Handling Procedures

Author: Duane HarrisDownload File

The knowledge base from a field measurement technician to the measurement analyst is extremely demanding. Every field technician is tested in both knowledge and skills on a daily basis regarding: ? Electronic controls to pneumatic controls ? Communication system support ? Multiple technical disciplines ? Support of measurement equipment ? Procedures that must be followed […]

Flow Conditioning And Effects On Accuracy For Fluid Flow Measurement

Author: Blaine D. Sawchuk Dale P. Sawchuk Danny A. SawchukDownload File

Over the last several years research has shown that by improving on the flow conditioners used in natural gas metering applications, measurement is improved and installation cost can be reduced. The standards developed for orifice meters (AGA 3/API 14.3 and ISO 5167) addresses the question of flow conditioner design and testing to ensure the meter […]

Protection Of Natural Gas Measurement Equipment Against Moisture And Corrosion

Author: DONALD P. MAYEAUXDownload File

Desiccants, Moisture and Corrosion Control, VCI ABSTRACT This presentation addresses problems associated with moisture and corrosion caused by high relative humidity and airborne contaminants. By controlling moisture and corrosion long-term, many problems associated with sensitive field electronics can be avoided

Auditing Electronic Gas Measurement Per Api Chapter 21.1

Author: Keith FryDownload File

Auditing evolved as a business practice as owners began to realize a standardized form of accounting must exist to prevent fraud. Financial audits made their way into businesses during the late 1700s. The industrial revolution brought about the separation of job duties beyond what a sole proprietor or family could oversee. Managers were hired to […]

Electronic Pressure Calibrators

Author: Roger ThomasDownload File

Pressure calibration is as important today as it has been for a very long time, but the way calibration is done and the equipment used to do it has changed drastically. In the past it was a standard practice to use a primary standard for pressure calibration. That standard was normally a dead weight tester […]

A Historical Overview Of Basic Electrical Concepts For Field Measurement Technicians Part 2 – Common Control Signals And Communications Protocols

Author: Gerry PickensDownload File

A number of control signals have been developed and used as technology has evolved. Control signals are a standardized method of conveying information from one device to another. A control signal is the data sent from one device to another by a specific method. In industrial process instrumentation, transmitted information is data. Data can be […]

A Historical Overview Of Basic Electrical Concepts For Field Measurement Technicians Part 1 – Basic Electrical Concepts

Author: Gerry PickensDownload File

The efficient operation and maintenance of electrical and electronic systems utilized in the natural gas industry is substantially determined by the technicians skill in applying the basic concepts of electrical circuitry. This paper will discuss the basic electrical laws, electrical terms and control signals as they apply to natural gas measurement systems. There are four […]

A Review Of Api Mpms 14.3/aga Report No. 3 – Part2

Author: Paul J. LaNasaDownload File

Periodically, natural gas measurement standards are created or revised. In the period 1993 through 1999 Part 2 of ANSI 2530/API MPMS 14.3/AGA Report No 3 underwent revision. It is the intent of this paper to discuss the highlights of this revision

Utilizing Wireless Instrumentation In Well Optimization

Author: Denis RutherfordDownload File

The Natural Gas and Oil industry is continually driven by cost cuning measures and the need to gain more operational efficiencies and visibility to regulatory requirements. This paper summarizes a solution in which wireless instruments integrate with other conventional equipment to offer a rapidly deployable advanced well optimization system. Wireless instrumentation products provide cost-effective and […]