The American School of Gas Measurement Technology (ASGMT) has been at the forefront of Flow Measurement training since its inception in 1966. Over the years, ASGMT has evolved to encompass comprehensive training in both gas and liquids measurement. With a commitment to excellence, ASGMT now offers an extensive curriculum comprising over 115 lecture classes, complemented by 48 Hands-On Product Training sessions led by industry experts.


September 16th – 19th, 2024

2023 ASGMT General Committee Chairman

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July 17, 2023

2023 ASGMT General Committee Chairman

Russel Treat
EnerACT Energy Services, Inc.

The American School of Gas Measurement Technology is pleased to announce Russel Treat as General Chairman for the 2023 school. Mr. Treat is an industry leader, software entrepreneur, podcaster, and trusted subject matter expert specializing in oil and gas pipeline operations, control room management, custody transfer measurement, leak detection, and automation.

As CEO of EnerACT Energy Services, Inc. Mr. Treat oversees the operations of its subsidiaries; Gas Certification Institute, EnerSys Corporation and PI Confluence, Inc. Mr. Treat is committed to delivering the highest value to pipeline operators by addressing the need for operational effectiveness, safety and compliance with government regulations.

As President of Gas Certification Institute, Mr. Treat is involved in measurement and field operations training, measurement Standard Operating Procedures manuals (SOPs) development for oil & gas operators.

With a passion for sharing knowledge and mentoring, in 2017 Mr. Treat launched the Pipeline Podcast Network where he hosts the Pipeliners Podcast, and has produced over 300 episodes. In the quest for “Education Through Conversation” the Pipeliners Podcast Network episodes provide unique insight and informative conversation to help oil and gas operators grow and advance in their field.

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