The American School of Gas Measurement Technology (ASGMT) has been at the forefront of Flow Measurement training since its inception in 1966. Over the years, ASGMT has evolved to encompass comprehensive training in both gas and liquids measurement. With a commitment to excellence, ASGMT now offers an extensive curriculum comprising over 115 lecture classes, complemented by 48 Hands-On Product Training sessions led by industry experts.


September 16th – 19th, 2024

For 2023 – ASGMT’s Newly Upgraded Website

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ASGMT’s Newly Upgraded Website

June 9, 2023

For 2023 – ASGMT’s Newly Upgraded Website

The ASGMT website has been updated for the 2023 school and brings new features and great benefits. We have improved how you interact with the website, provided more information, better updates on the current school, as well as making papers from previous schools available online.

A key benefit of the new website is your My ASGMT profile. We will FINALLY remember your information from year to year! This new profile allows users to register for the school, to view the new dashboard, to review past invoices, and to store your contact information. Once you establish your user name and password through My ASGMT, you can add your contact information and it will be available for the current and future schools.

The new website was designed from the bottom up – it is now mobile and virtual learning friendly. The website was designed to give an integrated feel for students attending the virtual Gas Measurement Fundamentals and Liquids Measurement Fundamentals sessions. These sessions, including 11 GMF lecture classes and 13 LMF lecture classes, are the same great courses that provide valuable education whether you are in the classroom or remote. My ASGMT is your portal to virtual learning.

You must set up your My ASGMT profile before registering! The new registration experience has been modernized and simplified. You can store an alternate email address, in case your primary address changes and you can personalize your profile and the info will carry forward to next year. You can Include your biographical information, a photo and other info to help other students, our committee members, and the vendors to better connect with you.

The website dashboard will be tied to the Whova mobile app so you can see the upcoming classes, the speakers, and the current papers all in some spot. My ASGMT will be your entry point to your contact information, payments and transactions. It is also your virtual connection if you enroll in GMF or LMF, and it provides early access to the 2023 class papers as well as other valuable content.

The ASGMT website is your one-stop resource for the latest information.

We hope that you find the ASGMT website easy to use and a valuable reference for this year’s 58th ASGMT and are looking forward to seeing you at the 2023 school!

ASGMT is dedicated to training and education in the fields of natural gas measurement, pressure regulation, flow control, and other measurement-related arenas.

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