CEU Credit Information

Who should attend

Natural Gas and petro-chemical industry personnel…from experienced technicians to your newest employee…engineers, measurement office staff (electronic & chart processors), purchasing agents, accountants, mangers and trainees…personnel from planning, marketing and transportation departments…research labs, operating departments and gas control centers.

Continuing Education Units (CEU)

The American School of Gas Measurement Technology is pleased to offer this year’s students a CEU credit program for attending both “Lecture” and/or “Hands-On” classes. After attending at least one (1) hour of instruction, the student will receive a partial CEU credit. Ten (10) hours of instruction will receive a full one (1) CEU. The CEU program is administered through Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

NOTE: The General Assembly counts (1 hour) toward this credit. An additional fee of $33.00 is necessary to cover CEU administration expenses.

What are CEU’S?

Non-credit activities offered by the institutions of higher education meet important needs of many audiences. These non-credit offerings are normally structured to serve the specific educational needs of a group and are short-term and offered in a variety of delivery modes and locations. Today, many gas companies are requiring CEU’S for their employees. This is just another way in which the ASGMT is striving to meet student’s needs.

How do you obtain a CEU?

Send in the additional CEU administration fee along with your Pre-Registration form and fees for the School;
Once at the School, obtain the CEU “STUDENT RECORD” form from the Registration desk;
Fill out the form along with the classes you wish to attend;
After you have attended a class, be sure to have the instructor SIGN your form. This will confirm that you have attended the class;
Return the completed form to the Registration desk on the Thursday of the School session, after you have completed the classes. Texas A&M-Kingsville will mail the CEU credit to you at the address you have supplied on your Registration form

It’s that easy!

NOTE: A minimum of 1 hour of class attendance is required for a partial credit. Remember, either “Lecture” or “Hands On” classes or Plant Tours will count towards a CEU credit.

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