Papers: 2021

Liquids Measurement, What’s An Industry To Do?

Author: Mark V. GolobyDownload File

Liquids measurement in the oil patch is suddenly getting a lot of attention. Some are dismayed at the low level of technology used to measure liquids. Today, custody transfer of 80 to 85% of onshore crude and condensate production is

Flare Measurement According To Api 14.10

Author: Eric EstradaDownload File

With the recent release of the Green House Gas Regulations, the increased visibility of flaring natural gas and increased awareness of royalty owners, the ability to accurately measure and account for the amount of product flared from a facility has

Auditing Gas Analysis Labs

Author: Carl AllemanDownload File

The data produced by Gas Chromatograph (GC) laboratories is used for many purposes, including product specification, accounting, safety and environmental compliance issues. The accuracy of this data has direct impact on all of these areas. Auditing laboratories responsible for producing

Fundamentals Of Natural Gas Liquid Measurement

Author: Don Sextro, Dan ComstockDownload File

The measurement of natural gas liquids (NGL) is similar in many respects to that of other hydrocarbon liquids but is markedly different in other aspects. The main difference in NGL measurement is the need to properly address the effects of

Continuous Monitoring Of Ultrasonic Meters 2021

Author: Randy MillerDownload File

There are many in our industry who would consider the advancement of the ultrasonic meter to be one of the most important improvements in gas measurement in the past twenty years. It is my opinion that the immense improvement in