Papers: 2018

Overall Measurement Accuracy

Author: Paul J. La NasaDownload File

This paper presents methods for determining the uncertainty of both differential and positive metering stations. It takes into account the type of meter, number of meters in parallel, type of secondary instruments, and the determination of physical properties. The paper

Onsite Proving Of Gas Meters

Author: Daniel J. RudroffDownload File

With the increased use of Natural Gas as a fuel, and higher natural gas prices buyers and sellers of natural gas are seriously looking at ways to improve their natural gas measurement and reduce the error in natural gas measurement.

Methods For Certifying Measurement Equipment

Author: Scott A. CroneDownload File

Like any other piece of equipment, a measurement artifact must be maintained. Obviously, it has to be in working order in general. However, what is more important is that it be operating within specified parameters and providing measurements that are

Measurement Data Capture, Processing, And Retention

Author: Duane HarrisDownload File

Capturing and processing measurement data relies on ever-evolving technology, equipment, and procedures. Current industry practices use flow computers located near the primary measuring device to capture, calculate, and store measurement data. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems or polling

Measurement Error And Associated Lost And Unaccounted For

Author: Duane A. HarrisDownload File

Given volatile natural gas prices and increased regulation by federal and state governments, the natural gas measurement industry has assumed an “every drop counts” approach to operations. As a result, issues such as measurement error and unaccounted-for (UAF) gas are

Asgmt 2018 Lng Custody Transfer Measurement

Author: Cindy RapaDownload File
  • 500 BTU/CF Manufactured Coal Gas was being Utilized in Europe and especially UK in the early to mid-1800’s
  •   Manufactured Coal Gas was being Utilized in Major US Cities by the Civil War as Numerous Municipal Gas Lighting and then

Liquid Measurement Station Design With Ngl Considerations

Author: Michael P. FreyDownload File

There are many factors that must be considered in order to properly design a liquid measurement station.
many of the components of measurement stations are similar, the criterion that determines the equipment to utilize for a given application or product

Lightning-free Automation

Author: Glenn Longley, Jim GardnerDownload File

What if you could install lightning-free automation? Well, now you can. Wireless automation has changed the paradigm associated with lightning damage to oilfield automation equipment.


Historically, oil & gas automation has relied heavily on the direct burial of cable

Improving Flow Measurements With Improved Calibration And Data Handling Procedures

Author: Duane HarrisDownload File

The knowledge base and continual flow of information from a field measurement technician to the measurement analyst located in the corporate office is extremely demanding.

Every field technician is tested in both knowledge and skills on a daily basis regarding:

How To Perform A Lost & Unaccounted-for Gas Program

Author: John McDanielDownload File

any (likely most) gas pipeline companies struggle with lost-and-unaccounted-for-gas (L&U) and it can be a significant cost to their bottom line as shown below.

As shown in this inset, by reducing L&U from 0.6 percent to .25 percent, a typical