Papers: 2017

Utilizing Wireless Instrumentation In Well Optimization

Author: Denis RutherfordDownload File

The Natural Gas and Oil industry is continually driven by cost cutting measures and the need to gain more operational efficiencies and visibility to regulatory requirements. This paper summarizes a solution in which wireless instruments integrate with other conventional equipment to offer a rapidly deployable advanced well optimization system. Wireless instrumentation products provide cost-effective and […]

Upstream Natural Gas Sales Verification

Author: Mark B. Fillman, Jayson A. PayneDownload File

Within the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry, the custody transfer of natural gas is usually determined by orifice measurement which is governed by a sales agreement between the producer and pipeline company. In most cases, the gas sales agreement references a combination of American Gas Association (AGA), Ameri- can Petroleum Institute (API), […]

Understanding The Advantages Of Ip Networks

Author: Burke P. MillerDownload File

Convergence in the Oil and Gas Sector UNDERSTANDING THE ADVANTAGES OF IP NETWORKS Burke P. Miller Infrastructure Networks Today’s oil and gas industry faces increasing pressure to maximize the capability of its wireless infrastructure while minimizing operational and developmental costs. Unprecedented uncertainty and business volatility are transforming the landscape, as the oil and gas industry […]

Training Field Personnel – Training Field Measurement Technicians

Author: Tom PendletonDownload File

Tom Pendleton is the Director of Operations Support for the Southern Gas Association, Dallas, Texas. Research, graphics, and charts for this White Paper and related Power Point presentation were created or otherwise provided by PenEdu Learning, LLC, Shreveport, Louisiana. PenEdu Learning. LLC is responsible for the content of this White Paper. Introduction Can the effectiveness […]

Methods Of Gathering Electronic Gas Measurement (egm) Data

Author: Jackson Kyle BatesDownload File

This paper is intended to discuss various methods used to collect Electronic Gas Measurement (EGM) data. There are quite a few options on the market today when it comes to remote measurement data collection in the Natural Gas industry. Due to advancements in technology, we have seen changes in most all the options available making […]

Gas Contracts’ Impact On Measurement Accuracy

Author: T. Dean GravesDownload File

Much effort is spent to achieve accurate measurement. Up to date measurement standards, modern meter station design, high quality equipment, and proper measurement operations are all necessary for measurement accuracy. Unfortunately, these processes do not assure measurement accuracy if the contract does not also support accurate measurement. The contract impacts measurement accuracy by what it […]

Gas And Liquid Measurement Validation

Author: R. Michael SquyresDownload File

Fundamental to all electronic gas measurement (EGM) and electronic liquids measurement (ELM) systems is the ability to accurately measure, review, correct, and report data. Any weakness in this chain undermines the accuracy and data integrity in the system. Recent industry standards and practices have greatly expanded the emphasis on data integrity. The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act […]

Field Data Capture Without Paper Forms

Author: Bruce WallaceDownload File

Meter inspections, configuration changes, calibration verification, troubleshooting, and gas sampling generate important subsets of measurement data. Automated computer systems capture, process, store, and report this data better than manual, paper-based systems; minimizing effort, time, resources, and error for field and office workers. Measurement Data Flow Measurement data is generated throughout the life cycle of a […]

Electronic Gas Measurement Auditing

Author: Gary P. Menzel, Perry Dee HummelDownload File

Electronic gas measurement auditing or EFM auditing is a very important process in the natural gas industry. Within the last twenty years, the natural gas industry has changed from the dry flow chart recorder to the Electronic flow Computer(EFM) as the primary method of recording the measurement data for custody transfer. These flow computers are […]

Effective Leadership At All Levels

Author: Bill StahlDownload File

We study Engineering, Accounting, Business Management, Computer Science and a host of other curriculums on our way to employment. Technical schools teach us Ohm’s Law, Fundamental Physics, Chemistry, Electronics and Welding. Courses and complete degree programs in Leadership are available but for some reason, Effective Leadership is rarely taught in the disciplines found in our […]