Papers: 2017

Verifying Gas Chromatographs At Custody Transfer Locations

Author: Shane HaleDownload File

Verifying the correct operation and accuracy of the Gas Chromatograph (GC) is an integral part of a custody transfer metering system, and involves ensuring the accuracy of the analyzer at the time of testing, as well as confirming that the GC performed properly during the periods between validations and assessing the likelihood of continued proper […]

Ultrasonic Meters For Commercial Applications

Author: Paul HoncharDownload File

An ultrasonic meter falls into the classification of inferential meters. Unlike positive displacement meters that capture volume to totalize volume, inferential meters measure flowing gas velocity to totalize volume. Ultrasonic meters use sound waves to measure flowing gas velocity to infer volume. Ultrasonic meters have been around for many years, primarily in liquid measurement. However, […]

Smart Networks For Gas Utility Systems

Author: David Anglin, Brian CrowderDownload File

There was once a time when you could get a car in any color…as long as it was black. They had frames, running boards and 15 horsepower engines. Who could ever need more? Just like the auto industry has adapted from this original approach to meet the demands of consumers, regulators and shareholders, the gas […]

Odorant Leak Management

Author: Pierre Braud, Olivier Griperay, Jean-Benoit CazauxDownload File

All around the world, propane, butane and natural gas must be odorized. The odorization ensures a safe transport, distribution and use of this valuable energy to residential buildings. Regulations vary from one country or state to another. The natural gas can be odorized at different points of the gas grid: in some countries (France, Spain, […]

Meter Selection For Various Load Requirements

Author: Edgar B. Bowles, Jr., Adam G. HawleyDownload File

This paper is intended to provide meter station designers with a basic methodology for selection of an appropriate flow meter (or meters) for a given application. Since many applications require that a meter station operate over a broad range of flow rates or loads, an example is provided on how to address system rangeability while […]

Gas Odorants – Safe Handling, Health, And Environment

Author: Daniel E. Arrieta, David C. Miller, Eric Van TolDownload File

Although, gas odorants are characterized as having a “low” hazard potential regarding health effects, their unique physical chemical properties such as, high flammability, require that they be handled safely. The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of the human health and environmental concerns associated with gas odorants, to recommend safe handling and […]

Field Inspection And Calibration Of Volume Correcting Devices

Author: George E. Brown IllDownload File

Timely, diligent field testing and calibration of gas volume recording and correcting instruments ensure that measurement information fairly represents actual volumes. The instruments save a company capital and operating costs because they can record or integrate volumes at pressures and temperature above the normal pressure- base conditions specified in contracts for volume calculation. This allows […]