Papers: 2014

Verification / Calibration Of Devices Used In Static Liquid Measurements

Author: Robert MazeDownload File

The purpose of verifying or calibrating liquid measurement devices is to ensure the accuracy of quantities being reported. With millions of dollars at stake, fractions of an inch or tenths of a degree Fahrenheit can make quite an impact to bottom line. At its most basic, the static (as opposed to dynamic, the use of […]

Fundamental Principles Of Diaphragm Displacement Meters

Author: Robert BennettDownload File

INTRODUCTION The first gas company in the U.S., The Gas Light Company of Baltimore, Maryland, founded in 1816, struggled for years with financial and technical problems while operating on a “flat rate” basis. Its growth was slow with the charge for gas service beyond the pocketbook of the majority.

Ultrasonic Meters For Residential And Commercial Applications

Author: Paul HoncharDownload File

INTRODUCTION An ultrasonic meter falls into the classification of inferential meters. Unlike positive displacement meters that capture volume to totalize volume, inferential meters measure flowing gas velocity to totalize volume. Orifice meters use pressure drop to measure velocity to infer volume and turbine meters use the speed of the rotor to measure velocity to infer […]

Field Testing By Transfer Proving

Author: Larry K. WunderlichDownload File

INTRODUCTION Transfer proving was initially developed to provide an easier and more accurate field meter proving method. Because of the capacity capabilities of transfer provers (2000 CFH to 80,000 CFH) transfer provers are utilized in meter shops where bell prover capacity is limited and allow for shop testing of the larger capacity meters.

Protection Of Natural Gas Measurement Equipment Against Moisture And Corrosion

Author: DONALD P. MAYEAUXDownload File

INTRODUCTION The natural gas industry relies very heavily on sensitive electronic equipment utilized in the production, gathering, transportation, and distribution phases. There is an increasing reliance on the use of electronics for performing important tasks relating to measurement, control, and safety. Coupled with increased reliance is the demand by users for increased reliability.

An Overview Of Pipeline Leak Detection Technologies

Author: Jonathan FiedlerDownload File

Introduction This paper will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the operating principles of currently available pipeline leak detection technologies. To start with we’ll have a look at the topics to be covered: • Historical development of pipelines • Why they are monitored for leaks • The requirements and regulations placed on leak detection […]

Unaccounted-for Gas Study In Distribution Networks

Author: Jay ShifletDownload File

In the Gas Distribution business Unaccounted Gas is referred to by various names or terms such as: Lost and Unaccounted-For, LUG, L&U, and UAF. In simplest terms, Unaccounted Gas is the result of the formula “gas receipts minus gas deliveries”. For the Measurement Group the process amounts to a “gas inventory reconciliation” based on the […]

Fundamentals Of Pressure Relief Valves In Natural Gas Installation – Operation – Maintenance

Author: Gary S. BeckettDownload File

What Are They and Why Are They Needed What: A stand-alone device that opens and recloses at a pre-selected pressure, containing an orifice sized to flow a required capacity to prevent / avoid overpressure. Why: All natural gas equipment (pipelines, pressure vessels, air-cooled heat exchangers, compressor cylinders, odorant tanks, instrument control lines, valves, underground storage, […]

Field Inspection And Calibration Of Volume Correcting Devices

Author: George E. Brown IIIDownload File

INTRODUCTION Timely, diligent field testing and calibration of gas volume recording and correcting Instruments ensure that measurement Information fairly represents actual volumes. The Instruments save a company capitol and operating costs because they can record or integrate volumes at pressures and temperature above the normal pressure- base conditions specified In contracts for volume calculation. This […]