Papers: 2014

Scada And Telemetry In Gas Transmission Systems

Author: Russel W. TreatDownload File

SCADA systems provide are combinations of field devices, communications infrastructure and software integrated into a system that provides for safe, reliable, and effective operation of remote facilities. Producers, gatherers, midstream operators and pipelines use SCADA system for operations. In addition,

Comparing Plug & Seat Regulators & Control Valves

Author: Lamar JonesDownload File

The purpose of this paper will be to compare a plug and

seat regulator to a control valve for high-pressure natural gas installations such as: power plants, city gate stations, large industrial customers, compressor stations, and storage fields. The features,

Periodic Inspection Of Regfulators And Relief Valves

Author: James M. DoyleDownload File

nspections and tests on regulators and relief valves is a Department of Transportation Compliance rule. The sections within the DOT manual stating the rule include 192.351 through 192.359, 192.751, 192.479, 192.481, 192.739, and 192.741. Keep in mind; these rules are

Production Equipment Effects On Orifice Measurement

Author: Stormy PhillipsDownload File

The condition of gas as it presents itself in the pipeline is often not ideal for accurate measurement, by an orifice flow meter. It is the requirement of the American Gas Association (AGA) that the natural gas be in a

Lessons Learned From The Api Mpms, Chapter 14.1 Gas Sampling Research Project

Author: Dr. Darin L. George, Eric KelnerDownload File

Between 1999 and 2005, the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), the American Petroleum Institute (API), the United States Minerals Management Service (MMS), and the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) co- sponsored an extensive natural gas sampling research program at the Metering

Accurate Measurement Of Hydrocarbon Dewpoint In Natural Gas Streams

Author: Sohrab Zarrabian, Mahmood MoshfeghianDownload File

Extraction of natural gas from shale formations has increased the focus on determining the quality of the gas extracted and processed. One of the key attributes of natural gas during its various stages of processing is its “Hydrocarbon Dewpoint”. This

Operations Of Online Gas Chromatographs

Author: Shane HaleDownload File

The gas chromatograph (GC) is an integral component of the natural gas custody metering station and has a large impact on the accuracy of the fiscal flow calculation. For this reason it is imperative that you install, operate and maintain

Determining Proper Odorization Levels

Author: Paul D. WehnertDownload File

Over 300 people died in an explosion on March 18, 1937 in a New London, Texas public school building. The natural gas that was being delivered to the school building was not odorized. At that time the natural gas was

Devices For Field Determination Of H2o In Natural Gas

Author: Sam MillerDownload File

H2O vapor is an undesirable component of natural gas. It takes up space in the pipeline and provides no fuel value. In higher concentrations it can condense into liquid water in the pipeline and cause corrosion, especially in the presence

Techniques Of Composite Sampling

Author: Matthew S. ParrottDownload File

While inaccuracies in measurement can be costly and common, they are also avoidable in many cases.

Technicians willing to study the experiences and best practices of industry leaders can make a world of difference by applying what they’ve learned and