Papers: 2013

Lessons Learned From The Api Mpms, Chapter 14.1 Gas Sampling Research Project

Author: Darin L. George Eric KelnerDownload File

Between 1999 and 2005, the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), the American Petroleum Institute (API), the United States Minerals Management Service (MMS), and the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) co-sponsored an extensive natural gas sampling research program at the Metering Research Facility (MRF), located at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). The results of this research provided a […]

Scada And Communications In Gas Transmission Systems

Author: Edward H. SmythDownload File

SCADA systems provide for safe, reliable, semi-efficient operation of gas transmission systems. Advanced applications and interfaces to business systems provide the keys for highly profitable operation. This paper introduces the basic building blocks of the SCADA system, including field devices. The SCADA host and advanced applications are discussed in detail. The paper concludes with a […]

Control Room Management And Related Best Practices

Author: naDownload File

Executive Summary This paper summarizes a SCADA implementers perspective regarding the intent of the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administrations (PHMSA) Control Room Management (CRM) rule. In addition, this paper provides a fresh approach to CRM, describing why companies should use the CRM process to go beyond compliance requirements and implement operating best practices that would […]

Design And Installation Of A Complete Measurement & Control Facility

Author: Thomas G. QuineDownload File

This presentation is intended to illustrate the implementation of a successful project. These principles can be applied to measurement and control projects, LNG projects, and LPG projects. The strategy presented involves performing through preliminary engineering, performing final design and procurement, qualification of installers, construction, testing, commissioning and finally, training and documentation

Advance Communication Designs

Author: Bob HalfordDownload File

We say Advanced Wireless Data Radio Communication Systems Design Process not because this is a more indepth and more technical process, but because the systems involved are complex in nature and must be carefully designed and programmed. If anything, what I want to do is teach you a more simplified approach and technique to design […]

Understanding Diagnostic And Expert Systems In Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Author: Marcel J.M. Vermeulen Jan G. Drenthen Hilko den HollanderDownload File

Custody transfer ultrasonic gas flow meters are the cash registers of the companies. These cash registers should measure fair and accurately. To determine the accuracy in most of the times only one aspect is taken into account: The calibration: The deviation of an ultrasonic flow meter to the national standards under ideal flowing conditions. Viewing […]

Continuous Monitoring Of Ultrasonic Meters

Author: Randy MillerDownload File

There are many in our industry who would consider the advancement of the ultrasonic meter to be the greatest improvement in gas measurement in the past twenty years. Its my opinion that the immense improvement in gas measurement is not so much the ultrasonic meter itself. Instead, I believe it is the meters ability to […]

Orifice Plate Meter Diagnostics

Author: Richard StevenDownload File

Orifice plate meters are popular for being relatively simple, reliable and inexpensive. Their principles of operation are relatively easily understood. However, traditionally there has been no orifice meter self diagnostic capabilities. In 2008 & 2009 a generic Differential Pressure (DP) meter self diagnostic methodology 1,2 was proposed. In this paper these diagnostic principles are applied […]

D.o.t. Requirements For The Transportation Of Sample Cylinders

Author: David J. FishDownload File

The United States Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) is a department of the U.S. Federal Government which oversees all issues regarding transportation within the United States of America and U.S. Territories. Its influence around the world is great and widely respected, but its jurisdiction and power of enforcement is limited to the USA and its territories. […]

Basic Electronics For Field Measurement

Author: Russ ParsonsDownload File

The three basic laws we will discuss are Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s voltage law, and Kirchhoff’s current law. The main terms used are voltage (units are Volts), current (units are Amps or milliamps), and resistance (units are ohms). These terms by themselves are meaningless unless a relationship can be established. An analogy that we can use […]