Papers: 2013

Fundamentals Of Pressure And Temperature Measurement

Author: Jeff GoetzmanDownload File

Correctly measuring Pressure and Temperature is one of the most important elements in the accurate measurement of Natural Gas. The basic theories on Pressure and Temperature Compensation were established many years ago by two men, Robert Boyle an Anglo Irish philosopher, chemist, and physicist and Jacques Charles, a French Inventor, scientist and mathematician. Since we […]

Fundamentals Of Pressure Relief Valves

Author: Ken LudvigsenDownload File

Overpressure protective devices are of vital concern to the gas industry. Safety codes and current laws require their installation each time a pressure reducing station is installed that supplies gas from any system to another system with a lower maximum allowable operating pressure. The purpose of this article is to provide a review of various […]

Fundamentals Of Coriolis Flow Meters For Gas Measurement Aga Report No. 11

Author: KARL STAPPERTDownload File

Since the early 1980s, Coriolis meters have gained worldwide acceptance in gas, liquid, and slurry applications with an installed base of more than one million units. Through significant design enhancements in the early 1990s Coriolis meters have rapidly gained worldwide acceptance in gas phase applications with over 100,000 meters installed worldwide and most notably the […]

Fundamentals Of Fluidic Oscillation Measurement Alternative To Rotary Meter Measurement

Author: Richard C. DewarDownload File

The scientific community has known about fluidic oscillation as a measurement technology for many years. Continuing advances in technology make this type of metering a compelling alternative to mechanical gas meters. This paper will discuss fundamentals of operation, as well as features and benefits of this technology for the user. Based on Bernoullis Theory – […]