Papers: 2012

Scada And Measurement Data Acquisition

Author: Russell M. (Rusty) FieldsDownload File

Definition Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA information in the energy sector is typically used for near real time decision making for well, pipeline or compressor station operation. It is also key information for displaying to SCADA screens for providing visual acuity in a concentrated view of the operation, such as a tank levels for […]

Control Room Management And Related Best Practices

Author: naDownload File

Executive Summary This paper summarizes a SCADA implementers perspective regarding the intent of the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administrations (PHMSA) Control Room Management (CRM) rule. In addition, this paper provides a fresh approach to CRM, describing why companies should use the CRM process to go beyond compliance requirements and implement operating best practices that would […]

Understanding Diagnostic And Expert Systems In Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Author: Marcel J.M. Vermeulen Jan G. Drenthen Hilko den HollanderDownload File

Custody transfer ultrasonic gas flow meters are the cash registers of the companies. These cash registers should measure fair and accurately. To determine the accuracy in most of the times only one aspect is taken into account: The calibration: The deviation of an ultrasonic flow meter to the national standards under ideal flowing conditions. Viewing […]

Continuous Monitoring Of Ultrasonic Meters

Author: Randy MillerDownload File

There are many in our industry who would consider the advancement of the ultrasonic meter to be the greatest improvement in gas measurement in the past twenty years. Its my opinion that the immense improvement in gas measurement is not so much the ultrasonic meter itself. Instead, I believe it is the meters ability to […]

Basic Electronics For Field Measurement

Author: Russ ParsonsDownload File

The three basic laws we will discuss are Ohm’s law,Kirchhoff’s voltage law, and Kirchhoff’s current law. The main terms used are voltage (units are Volts),current (units are Amps or milliamps), and resistance(units are ohms). These terms by themselves are meaningless unless a relationship can be established. An analogy that we can use to visualize the […]

Auditing Electronic Gas Measurement Per Api Chapter 21.1

Author: Keith FryDownload File

Auditing evolved as a business practice as owners began to realize a standardized form of accounting must exist to prevent fraud. Financial audits made their way into businesses during the late 1700s. The industrial revolution brought about the separation of job duties beyond what a sole proprietor or family could oversee. Managers were hired to […]

A Historical Overview Of Basic Electrical Concepts For Field Measurement Technicians Part 2 – Common Control Signals And Communications Protocols

Author: Gerry PickensDownload File

A number of control signals have been developed and used as technology has evolved. Control signals are a standardized method of conveying information from one device to another. A control signal is the data sent from one device to another by a specific method. In industrial process instrumentation, transmitted information is data. Data can be […]

A Historical Overview Of Basic Electrical Concepts For Field Measurement Technicians Part 1 – Basic Electrical Concepts

Author: Gerry PickensDownload File

The efficient operation and maintenance of electrical and electronic systems utilized in the natural gas industry is substantially determined by the technicians skill in applying the basic concepts of electrical circuitry. This paper will discuss the basic electrical laws, electrical terms and control signals as they apply to natural gas measurement systems. There are four […]

A Review Of Api Mpms 14.3/aga Report No. 3 – Part2

Author: Paul J. LaNasaDownload File

Periodically, natural gas measurement standards are created or revised. In the period 1993 through 1999 Part 2 of ANSI 2530/API MPMS 14.3/AGA Report No 3 underwent revision. It is the intent of this paper to discuss the highlights of this revision


Author: John L. ChisholmDownload File

In the discussion of ethics the first issue is always nomenclature. Sadly, this is often the topic that gets the least attention and frequently those involved in the conversation conduct deep insightful discourses in which there is virtually no understanding exchanged, although the participants will all agree that the quality of the rhetoric was outstanding. […]