Papers: 2012

Lng Supply Chain & Custody Transfer Measurement In The U.s.

Author: Northstar IndustriesDownload File

500 BTU/CF Manufactured Coal Gas was being Utilized in Europe and especially UK in the early to mid-1800s ?Manufactured Coal Gas was being Utilized in Major US Cities by the Civil War as Numerous Municipal Gas Lighting and then Heavy Industrial Applications. ?Natural Gas Transmission arrived in NE in the early 1950s. ?Complete Appliance Conversion […]

Characteristics Of Rotary Meter Performance

Author: Kevin BeaverDownload File

This paper highlights several rotary meter performance characteristics. These characteristics profile a rotary meters capabilities in a wide array of applications from production to transmission, and distribution. Most of the characteristics have minimum standards adopted by agencies like AGA or ASTM. I will identify these standards, and incorporate them-where applicable-into my paper. In discussing these […]

Fundamental Principles Of Rotary Displacement Meters

Author: Sharmila MukandraiDownload File

Natural gas measurement today is accomplished through the use of two different classifications of gas meters. The first consists of inferential type meters, including, orifice, ultra-sonic and turbine meters, and the second is the positive displacement meters, which consist of diaphragm and rotary displacement meters. The inferential type meters are so-called because rather than measuring […]

Fundamentals Of Energy Determination

Author: J. David HaileyDownload File

This paper presents fundamental information necessary to understand and appreciate the concept of total gas energy in a natural gas pipeline. That is, to be able to converse with peers within the natural gas industry and understand basic concepts and terminology. Discussed is the historical transition from volumetric measurement to total gas energy including some […]

Fundamentals Of Turbine Meters

Author: Paul HoncharDownload File

The majority of all gas measurement used in the world today is performed by two basic types of meters, positive displacement and inferential. Positive displacement meters, consisting mainly of diaphragm and rotary style devices, generally account for lower volume measurement. Orifice, ultrasonic and turbine meters are the three main inferential class meters used for large […]

Fundamental Principles Of Diaphragm Meters

Author: Julie EllingtonDownload File

Natural gas measurement is the vertebrae of any natural gas utility. Without the ability to measure, it would be impossible to account for the flow of gas from receipt to delivery. Very much like an accountant that labors to keep the ledger balanced, a utility needs metering to balance the gas producer’s receipts against the […]

Fundamentals Of Pressure Regulators

Author: ROBERT BENNETTDownload File

A regulator may be defined as a mechanism for controlling or governing the movement of machines or the flow of liquids and gases, in order to meet a standard. The primary function of a gas or liquid regulator is to match the supply of the fluid moving through it to the demand for the fluid […]

Fundamentals Of Multipath Ultrasonic Flow Meters For Gas Measurement

Author: Dan HackettDownload File

This paper discusses fundamental principles of ultrasonic gas flow meters used for measurement of natural gas. A review of an ultrasonic meters operation and the equations used to determine actual volumetric flow is presented. The ultrasonic flow meters diagnostic capability will also be briefly presented. Further, diagnostic data, in conjunction with gas composition, pressure and […]

Fundamentals Of Orifice Metering

Author: Arthur FarveDownload File

Due to the cost of production and transfer of natural gas, the industry has demanded a higher level of accuracy and an economical method for measurement. Orifice fittings and meter tubes satisfy this demand for most natural gas measurement applications today. The level of accuracy achieved in orifice measurement has been continually refined and improved […]

Fundamentals Of Pressure And Temperature Measurement

Author: Jeff GoetzmanDownload File

Correctly measuring Pressure and Temperature is one of the most important elements in the accurate measurement of Natural Gas. The basic theories on Pressure and Temperature Compensation were established many years ago by two men, Robert Boyle an Anglo Irish philosopher, chemist, and physicist and Jacques Charles, a French Inventor, scientist and mathematician. Since we […]