Papers: 2012

Techniques For Natural Gas Sampling A Discussion Of Field Methods For Obtaining Spot Samples

Author: Randall MessmanDownload File

Natural gas sampling is performed for a variety of reasons. Sampling is performed to determine total gas composition, hydrocarbon dew point, specific gravity, and most importantly, the value of the gas. Three techniques are normally used to obtain gas samples continuous composite sampling, continuous online sampling, or spot sampling. This paper will discuss the various […]

Determining Proper Odorant Level

Author: Roy MontemaranoDownload File

Over 300 people died in an explosion on March 18, 1937 in a New London, Texas public school building. The natural gas that was being delivered to the school building was not odorized. At that time the natural gas was odorless, and there wasn’t a law on record to mandate Odorization. As a direct result […]

Techniques Of Natural Gas Sampling And Composite Sampling Systems

Author: Marielle VerotDownload File

In todays up and down, sometimes struggling but always competitive market, a producer of natural gas must strive to maximize their market value and achieve the highest return of invested income. The fluctuations seen recently in pricing make this an increasingly important goal. In order to accomplish this goal they must ensure they are receiving […]

Operations Of Online Gas Chromatographs

Author: Shane HaleDownload File

The gas chromatograph (GC) is an integral component of the natural gas custody metering station and has a large impact on the accuracy of the fiscal flow calculation. For this reason it is imperative that you install, operate and maintain the GC with the goal of maximum reliability and accuracy

Calibration Standards

Author: Scott MartinezDownload File

Process measurements and analyzer calibrations are key components to bottom-line success in the Petrochemical and Industrial Gas market. Analytical results drive processes to higher yields by monitoring vital components and impurities that either achieve desired results or lead to costly reruns and downtime. Analyzers must be kept in constant calibration to eliminate senseless downtime, and […]

Overview Of Odorization Systems

Author: Kyle WelkerDownload File

Odorization of natural gas is one of the most important aspects of delivering gas to customers in a distribution system. It is a requirement that is mandated by the Federal Government ever since the tragic death of students and teachers in a school house in New London, Texas in 1937. Technology, along with innovations to […]

Use Of Equations Of State And Equation Of State Software Packages

Author: Adam G. Hawley Darin L. GeorgeDownload File

Determination of fluid properties and phase conditions of hydrocarbon mixtures is critical for accurate hydrocarbon measurement, representative sampling, and overall pipeline operation. Fluid properties such as compressibility and density are critical for flow measurement and determination of the hydrocarbon due point is important to verify that heavier hydrocarbons will not condense out of a gas […]

Verifying Gas Chromatographs At Custody Transfer Locations

Author: Shane HaleDownload File

Verifying the correct operation and accuracy of the Gas Chromatograph (GC) is an integral part of a custody transfer metering system, and involves ensuring the accuracy of the analyzer at the time of testing, as well as confirming that the GC performed properly during the periods between validations and assessing the likelihood of continued proper […]

An Overview Of The Aga Gas Quality Management Manual

Author: Terrence A. GrimleyDownload File

This paper provides an overview of the recently completed Gas Quality Management Manual 1 that has been in development by the American Gas Association Transmission Measurement Committee for the past seven years. The manual pulls together a wide range of information and provides context that allows both the expert and the novice to understand the […]

Auditing Gas Laboritories

Author: Joe LandesDownload File

The data produced by Gas Chromatograph (GC) laboratories is used for many purposes, including product specification, accounting, safety and environmental compliance issues. The accuracy of this data has direct impact on all of these areas. Auditing laboratories responsible for producing this data is prudent business practice. The audit will provide a means of process improvement, […]