Papers: 2011

Operation Of On-line Gas Chromatographs

Author: Steve LakeyDownload File

Chromatography is one of the most widely used means of performing chemical analyses in the world. Russian botanist Mikhail Tswett is credited with discovering the technique of chromatography. Using alcohol as a mobile phase and chalk as a stationary phase, Tswett was able to separate various plant extracts.

Measuring Hydrocarbon Dew Point Accurately And Its Financial Impact

Author: Jack C. HerringDownload File

Measuring Hydrocarbon Dew Point (HCDP) accurately is critical to the profitability of producing/processing natural gas. End users want a quality product and for good reason. When HCDP limits are written into the gas contract the producer/processors and pipeline operators each play a role in delivering that quality product. Accurately measuring HCDP in order to satisfy […]

Determination Of Hydrogen Sulfide And Total Sulfur In Natural Gas

Author: David HaydtDownload File

Hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur bearing compounds exist naturally in many natural gas fields throughout the world. It is generally necessary to remove these sulfur bearing compounds from the gas in order to preserve public safety, reduce corrosion in pipelines, meet contractual agreements and to control odor in the gas. Thus the determination of hydrogen […]

Web Solutions For Orifice Measurement And Monitoring

Author: Matt DieseDownload File

Pipeline and production companies are continually faced with the challenge of obtaining operational data and making it available to their employees. In recent years the convergence in the advances in the technologies of the Internet, PC’s,client/server technology, and IP ready communications have brought forth a new lower cost alternative to traditional SCADA systems. With the […]

Electronic Gas Measurement Auditing

Author: Perry Dee HummelDownload File

Electronic Gas Measurement or EFM auditing is a very important process of the natural gas industry. Only a few short years ago, the dry flow chart recorder was the state of the art recording device for custody gas measurement. All that has changed with the advent of the flow computer volumes are recorded and generated […]

Wireless Communication To A Plunger Lift Well

Author: Jim GardnerDownload File

Artificial lift is a process that allows oil and gas producers the ability to optimize well production while also minimizing overall maintenance and life cycle costs. Plunger lift control is a form of artificial lift used by natural gas producers who experience heavy down hole fluid loads. In many cases, when a gas well produces […]

Understanding The Advantages Of Ip Networks

Author: Burke MillerDownload File

Today’s oil and gas industry faces increasing pressure to maximize the capability of its wireless infrastructure while minimizing operational and developmental costs. Unprecedented uncertainty and business volatility are transforming the landscape, as the oil and gas industry becomes more competitive, profit-oriented, and responsive to a fickle and savvy clientele. The key to developing a successful […]

Communication Between The Office And Field

Author: Duane A. HarrisDownload File

Transferring the knowledge base from a field measurement technician to a back office volume analyst can be extremely challenging. A Field technicians skill set is tested on a routine basis therefore, the technician must be knowledgeable in: electronic controls to pneumatic controls communication system support multiple disciplines support of measurement equipment procedures that must be […]

Get It Right The First Time – Field Data Capture Without Paper Forms

Author: Bruce WallaceDownload File

Field data capture describes the retrieval, storage, and reporting of data generated from measurement asset maintenance and configuration activities. Equipment inspections, configuration changes, calibration verification, troubleshooting, and gas sampling provide important subsets of measurement data. To Get it right the first time means capturing and distributing this data with minimal effort, error, time, and resources. […]

Methods Of Gathering Egm Data

Author: Ronald SiskDownload File

In today’s natural gas industry, it is of paramount importance that we focus on the accuracy and timeliness for the transfer of gas measurement data from the field measurement sites to a centralized gas measurement database to be verified, edited, and shared with all applicable groups. Measurement of wellhead deliveries, pipeline interconnects to town plants, […]