Papers: 2011

Comparing Plug & Seat Regulators & Control Valves

Author: Lamar JonesDownload File

The purpose of this paper will be to compare a plug ands eat regulator to a control valve for high-pressure natural gas installations such as: power plants, city gate stations,large industrial customers, compressor stations, and storage fields. The features, benefits, capabilities, and differences of both devices will be outlined, to enable the reader to make […]

Scada And Telemetry In Gas Transmission Systems

Author: Edward H. SmythDownload File

SCADA systems provide for safe, reliable, semi-efficient operation of gas transmission systems. Advanced applications and interfaces to business systems provide the keys for highly profitable operation. This paper introduces the basic building blocks of the SCADA system, including field devices. The SCADA host and advanced applications are discussed in detail. The paper concludes with a […]

Freeze Protection For Natural Gas Pipeline Systems And Measurement Instrumentation

Author: Tom FayDownload File

One way businesses in today’s natural gas industry can be certain to maintain a presence in a competitive market is to be able to deliver a consistent supply to their customers. To ensure a reliable supply, companies must be aware of potential problems that could lead to interruptions or shutdowns in service and the procedures […]

Advance Communication Designs

Author: Bob HalfordDownload File

We say Advanced Wireless Data Radio Communication Systems Design Process not because this is a more indepth and more technical process, but because the systems involved are complex in nature and must be carefully designed and programmed. If anything, what I want to do is teach you a more simplified approach and technique to design […]

Understanding Dot/psm Operator Qualification Program

Author: Butt McNeelyDownload File

The Operator Qualification (OQ) rule has greatly impacted pipeline operations for all major pipeline system operators. For Panhandle Energy, the efforts to satisfy all segments of the rule have required a significant investment in money and manpower, with many changes to most aspects of field operations. Several key efforts are worthy of further explanation concerning […]

The Importance Of Discerning The Impact Of New Measurement Technolgy

Author: David J. FishDownload File

With the current demand for improved technologies in the area of fluid measurement, the rush to the market place is raising as many questions as it is answering. In the last 30 years, the natural gas pipeline industry has transitioned from the supplier of clean, dry gas to the mover of billable gas energy clean […]

Design And Installation Of A Complete Measurement & Control Facility

Author: Thomas G. QuineDownload File

This presentation is intended to illustrate the implementation of a successful project. These principles can be applied to measurement and control projects, LNG projects, and LPG projects. The strategy presented involves performing through preliminary engineering, performing final design and procurement, qualification of installers, construction, testing, commissioning and finally, training and documentation. This presentation focuses on […]

Advances In Natural Gas Sampling Technology

Author: Donald MayeauxDownload File

The monetary value of natural gas is based on its energy content and volume. The energy content and physical constants utilized in determining its volume are computed from analysis. Therefore correct assessment of the value of natural gas is dependent to a large extent on overall analytical accuracy. The largest source of analytical error in […]

Techniques Of Composite Gas Sampling

Author: David J. FishDownload File

The level of interest in effective and accurate gas sampling techniques is currently at a very high priority within the natural gas industry. With the fluctuating ranges in natural gas prices, exploration interests, profitability, deregulation and consolidation of the work force, recoverable revenue must be accounted for. At large volume delivery points, a 3-5 BTU […]

Techniques For Natural Gas Sampling

Author: Kris KimmelDownload File

Since a gas sampling system can be referred to as a cash register it is very important that the correct sampling method be selected and the appropriate industry standard be followed. Methods reviewed by this paper will include spot sampling, composite sampling, and on-line chromatography. In addition, Gas Processors Association (GPA) 2166-86 and American Petroleum […]