Papers: 2010

Line Locating  A Complete Theory

Author: Travis LeintzDownload File

Rycom Instruments Theory of Locating is an easy-to-understand guide that will give you an indepth understanding of the principles of locating. This guide will arm you with the knowledge needed to be an effective locator. After training on the Theory of Locating, trouble spots in the field last week will be childs play. By the […]

Methods Of Gathering Egm Data

Author: David L. GainesDownload File

Modern methods for collecting Electronic Gas Measurement (EGM) data are driven by existing and emerging demands throughout the industry for more accurate and timely collection, reconciliation, accounting and sharing of gas measurement data as well as regulatory demands for increased operational safety and control of oil and natural gas production, collection and distribution. Increased bandwidth […]

Field Testing By Transfer Proving

Author: Larry K. WunderlichDownload File

Transfer proving was initially developed to provide an easier and more accurate field meter proving method. Because of the capacity capabilities of transfer provers (2000 CFH to 80,000 CFH) transfer provers are utilized in meter shops where bell prover capacity is limited and allow for shop testing of the larger capacity meters.

Calibration Standard Gases

Author: Fred DeAngeloDownload File

Calibration Standards are known concentrations of components of interest used to confirm or determine component concentrations in samples. Calibration standards are used for quality assurance, quality control, measurement and balance, quantitative sample analysis and custody transfer. They should be used anytime it is important to know the composition of your samples and to determine if […]

Field Inspection And Calibration Of Volume Correcting Devices

Author: George E. Brown IIIDownload File

Timely, diligent field testing and calibration of gas volume recording and correcting instruments ensure that measurement information fairly represents actual volumes. The instruments save a company capitol and operating costs because they can record or integrate volumes at pressures and temperature above the normal pressurebase conditions specified in contracts for volume calculation. This allows the […]

Fundamental Principles Of Diaphragm Displacement Meters

Author: Robert BennettDownload File

The first gas company in the U.S., The Gas Light Company of Baltimore, Maryland, founded in 1816, struggled for years with financial and technical problems while operating on a "flat rate " basis. Its growth was slow with the charge for gas service beyond the pocketbook of the majority. By comparison, the New York Gas […]

Requirements Of An Egm Editor

Author: R. Michael SquyresDownload File

The natural gas industry has adopted EGM as a means of increasing the speed and accuracy with which measurement information is obtained. This has created the need for an electronic data management system. These systems, if not properly designed and implemented, could potentially render the entire process useless. Therefore, it is essential that the system […]