Papers: 2010

Communication Between The Office And Field

Author: Duane A. HarrisDownload File

Transferring the knowledge base from a field measurement technician to a back office volume analyst can be extremely challenging. A Field technicians skill set is tested on a routine basis; therefore, the technician must be knowledgeable in:  electronic controls to pneumatic controls  communication system support  multiple disciplines  support of measurement equipment […]

Devices For Field Determination Of H2o In Natural Gas

Author: Sam MillerDownload File

H2O vapor is an undesirable component of natural gas. It takes up space in the pipeline and provides no fuel value. In higher concentrations it can condense into liquid water in the pipeline and cause corrosion, especially in the presence of carbon dioxide or H2S. Liquid water can also cause damage to the equipment utilizing […]

Advance Communication Designs

Author: Bob HalfordDownload File

We say Advanced Wireless Data Radio Communication Systems Design Process not because this is a more indepth and more technical process, but because the systems involved are complex in nature and must be carefully designed and programmed. If anything, what I want to do is teach you a more simplified approach and technique to design […]

Training Field Measurement Personnel

Author: Russel W. TreatDownload File

Technology in the field of gas measurement and control is constantly evolving. While many are well trained in the specific equipment used in their own company‚Äôs operation, it is also important to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals and theory of operation of the mechanical and physical processes involved. Therefore, the training of field […]

Ultrasonic Meter Diagnostics

Author: John LansingDownload File

This paper discusses both basic and advanced diagnostic features of gas ultrasonic meters (USM), identify problems that often may not have been identified in the past. It primarily discusses fiscalquality, multi-path USMs and does not cover issues that may be different with non-fiscal meters as they are often single path designs. Although USMs basically work […]

Continuous Monitoring Of Ultrasonic Meters

Author: Randy MillerDownload File

Utilizing electronic flow computers and SCADA systems to collect and analyze ultrasonic meter data can provide many benefits for  Natural Gas Pipeline Company. The Natural Gas Pipeline industry has seen tremendous changes in the past 20 years including a smaller multi skilled workforce. In fact, a Measurement Technician on for wide range of tasks […]

Utilizing Wireless Instrumentation In Well Optimization

Author: Denis RutherfordDownload File

The use of wireless instrumentation in well automation and production optimization has just started gaining momentum in the marketplace. Driven by cost-cutting measures and the need to gain more operational visibility (to meet regulatory requirements), wireless instrumentation eliminates expensive trenching and cabling while providing access to hard-to-reach areas using self-contained, battery-powered instruments

How Not To Measure Gas

Author: Dee HummelDownload File

Measuring natural gas is both a science and an art. Guidelines and industry practices explain how to accurately measure natural gas. The ’art " comes in trying to minimize errors and prevent measurement problems. However, sometime it’s easier to explain "how not " to measure gas when reviewing measurement errors.

Wireless Communication To A Plunger Lift Well

Author: Jim GardnerDownload File

Artificial lift is a process that allows oil and gas producers the ability to optimize well production while also minimizing overall maintenance and life cycle costs. Plunger lift control is a form of artificial lift used by natural gas producers who experience heavy downhole fluid loads. In many cases, when a gas well produces excessive […]

Web Solutions For Orifice Measurement And Monitoring

Author: Web Solutions for Orifice Measurement and MonitoringDownload File

Pipeline and production companies are continually faced with the challenge of obtaining operational data and making it available to their employees. In recent years the convergence in the advances in the technologies of the client/server technology, and IP ready communications have brought forth a new lower cost alternative to traditional SCADA systems. With the growing […]