Papers: 2007

Protection Of Natural Gas Measurement Equipment Against Moisture And Corrosion

Author: DONALD P. MAYEAUXDownload File

The natural gas industry relies very heavily on sensitive electronic equipment utilized in the production, gathering, transportation, and distribution phases. There is an increasing reliance on the use of electronics for performing important tasks relating to measurement, control, and safety. Coupled with increased reliance is the demand by users for increased reliability

D.o.t. Requirements For Transportation Of Sample Containers

Author: TOM WELKERDownload File

During my travels around the United States talking about sampling and sample containers, it has come to my attention that the oil and gas industry in the United States needs to be a little better informed on proper handling, shipping, and transportation of sample containers of all types. Since everybody in the oil, gas, and […]

Grounding Practices For Automation Controls

Author: Alan RebeckDownload File

Whether lightning damage or lightning voltages induced between equipment cabinets as a result of multi-grounding causing mis-operation of computerized electronics, improper grounding can account for up to 40 percent of power-related problems including costly damage and downtime. In addition, transient overvoltages—a high voltage spike or impulse of very short duration—can account for another 40 percent […]

Understanding The Advantages Of Ip Networks

Author: Burke MillerDownload File

Today’s oil and gas industry faces increasing pressure to maximize the capability of its wireless infrastructure while minimizing operational and developmental costs. Unprecedented uncertainty and business volatility are transforming the landscape, as the oil and gas industry becomes more competitive, profit-oriented, and responsive to a fickle and savvy clientele. The key to developing a successful […]

Methods Of Gathering Egm Data

Author: Ronald SiskDownload File

In today’s natural gas industry, it is of paramount importance that we focus on the accuracy and timeliness for the transfer of gas measurement data from the field measurement sites to a centralized gas measurement database to be verified, edited, and shared with all applicable groups. Measurement of wellhead deliveries, pipeline interconnects to town plants, […]

Training Office Measurement Personnel

Author: Perry Dee HummelDownload File

Experience is the best teacher. We’ve all heard that saying, but, what if there aren’t any experienced personnel left to hire? After years of downsizing, mergers, and attrition, the industry finds itself in a shortage of good trained personnel. The only way to overcome this problem is to provide the new employee with comprehensive training. […]

Gas Contracts Measurement Language And Its Evolution

Author: Lohit Datta-BaruaDownload File

The business environment in our industry has seen tremendous change since early 1980s. This has in turn forced the industry to change its measurement technology and the process. Open access concept with multiple shippers through the same meter requires timely data to monitor nomination and allocation and to comply with commercial terms. The introduction of […]

Pulsation Reduction By Acoustic Filters For Metering Applications

Author: Robert J. McKee, Ray G. DurkeDownload File

Because of the adverse effects of pulsations on orifice and other types of flow meters, there is a need at many installations to decrease the amplitude of pulsations in the piping. This task has been the primary domain of acoustical piping designers who have had both theoretical and practical field experience in such areas. The […]

What’s In Your Pipeline?

Author: David J. FishDownload File

With the current demand for improved technologies in the area of natural gas measurement, the rush to the market place is raising as many questions as it is answering. In the last 25 years, the natural gas pipeline industry has transitioned from the supplier of clean, dry gas to the mover of billable gas energy; […]

Automating Gas Measurement

Author: Richard L. ClineDownload File

This paper will address concepts of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems) and their application to the measurement industry. An important focus of the paper is to provide the reader with an understanding of the technology and with guidelines to be used to evaluate this equipment as part of an automation project