Papers: 2006

Understanding The Different Standards That Govern Measurement Barry Balzer

What is a standard? Why are standards important? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines standard as: 1) “a conspicuous object (as a banner) formerly carried at the top of a pole and used to mark a rallying point especially in battle or to serve as an emblem” 2) “something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a […]

Lessons Learned From The Api 14.1 Gas Sampling Research Project

Author: Darin L. GeorgeDownload File

Pulsation Reduction By Acoustic Filters For Metering Applications

Author: Robert J. McKeeDownload File

Because of the adverse effects of pulsations on orifice and other types of flow meters there is for many installations, a need to eliminate or decrease the amplitude of pulsations in the piping. This task has been the primary domain of acoustical piping designers who have had both theoretical and practical field experience in such […]

Use Of Equations Of State (eos) Software

Author: Donald P. MayeauxDownload File

Proper sample conditioning is essential to providing a representative sample of natural gas to the analyzer. Sample conditioning consists of extracting a sample from a process stream, transporting it to an analyzer, and conditioning it so that it is compatible with the analyzer. Conditioning generally consists of controlling the gas temperature, pressure, and flow rate. […]

Problems Unique In Offshore Gas Measurement

Author: Jackie R. TimsDownload File

Some major problems and unique solutions will be addressed with gas measurement on offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. This presentation will show the major roll safety, transportation, and weather play in the technician’s ability to verify the accuracy of the gas measurement facility. Proper operation, design, and installation will ensure accurate measurement

Principles Of Odorization

Author: Paul MinierDownload File

Odorization is a process we are mandated to know about, and with on daily basis. So why is it that no one likes to work with odorant? Could it be the distinctive smell that gets on our clothing, causing problems with family, friends, neighbors, and the public in general?

Coriolis For Natural Gas Measurement

Author: KARL STAPPERTDownload File

Coriolis meters have gained worldwide acceptance in liquid applications since the early 1980’s with an installed base of more than 400,000 units. Newer designs have increased low-flow sensitivity, lowered pressure drop, and increased noise immunity enabling performance characteristics that are similar or better than traditional metering technologies. Coriolis also has attributes that no other fluid […]

How To Perform A Lost And Unaccounted-for Gas Program

Author: Rick FeldmannDownload File

This paper is written for the natural gas pipeline industry, from the vantage point of wellhead to burner tip. It’s for: ?? Production Companies wanting to ensure proper measurement of the Btus delivered to, and normally measured at their wellheads by, gathering companies, ?? Gathering and Processing Companies wanting to control losses across their gathering […]

Design And Installation Of A Complete Measurement & Control Facility

Author: Thomas G. QuineDownload File

This presentation is intended to illustrate the implementation of a successful project. These principles can be applied to measurement and control projects, LNG projects, and LPG projects. The strategy presented involves performing through preliminary engineering, performing final design and procurement, qualification of installers, construction, testing, commissioning and finally, training and documentation

Meter Selection For Various Load Requirements

Author: Enoch E.Z. ElizondoDownload File

The term “Cash Register of the company” has become synonymous for the natural gas industry when it comes to describing the gas meter. In today’s competitive energy markets, price of natural gas and operating under the FERC Order 636, the accuracy of natural gas measurement has become an increasingly important concern. Therefore, the selection of […]