Papers: 2006

Determination Of Hydrocarbon Dew Point In Natural Gas

Author: Andy BentonDownload File

This paper considers the requirements for control of hydrocarbon dew point in natural gas and how measurement of this important gas quality parameter can be achieved. A summary of the commercially available on-line instrumentation is provided covering:

Internet Based Measurement Monitoring & Control

Author: Brad AustinDownload File

Pipeline and production companies are continually faced with challenge of obtaining operational data and making it available to their employees. In recent years the convergence in the advances in the technologies of the Internet, PC’s, client/server technology, and IP ready communications have brought forth a new lower cost alternative to traditional SCADA systems. With the […]

Overall Measurement Accuracy

Author: PAUL J. LA NASADownload File

This paper presents methods for determining the uncertainty of both differential and linear metering stations. It takes into account the type of meter, number of meters in parallel, type of secondary instruments, and the determination of physical properties. The paper then relates this information to potential influence on system balance

Training Field Measurement Personnel Overview Of A Comprehensive Curriculum And Program

Author: Duane A. HarrisDownload File

The knowledge base expectation that exists today for the measurement technician is extremely demanding. From the latest in electronic controls to pneumatic controls…from communication system support to dual-disciplined or even tri-disciplined technicians…from the measurement equipment they support to the procedures that must be followed…from the regulatory requirements governing the facilities to the training of field […]

Methods Of Gathering Egm Data

Author: Ronald SiskDownload File

In today’s natural gas industry, it is of paramount importance that we focus on the accuracy and timeliness for the transfer of gas measurement data from the field measurement sites to a centralized gas measurement database to be verified, edited, and shared with all applicable groups

Gas Contracts: Then And Now

Author: Mark B. Fillman, Gary P. MenzelDownload File

Our industry has seen tremendous progress in the accuracy of natural gas measurement since the implementation of electronic gas measurement (EGM) in the 1980s. With respect to orifice measurement, the transition from mechanical chart recorders to EGM had an unprecedented impact on our ability to measure natural gas and adjust to market demands throughout the […]

Conversion From Volume To Energy Measurement

Author: Radhey S. ThakralDownload File

The purchase, transport, and sale of natural gas as a commodity with a specific energy value per cubic foot has transformed the natural gas industry from one of a system based on volume measurement to a system based on energy measurement. The following discussion will review the evolution of natural gas industry from a system […]

Protection Of Natural Gas Measurement Equipment Against Moisture And Corrosion

Author: DONALD P. MAYEAUXDownload File

This presentation addresses problems associated with moisture and corrosion caused by high relative humidity and airborne contaminants. By controlling moisture and corrosion long-term, many problems associated with sensitive field electronics can be avoided

Considerations For Selecting A Host System For Upstream And Midstream Gas Operations

Author: Edward H. SmythDownload File

Operators of gas assets face a bewildering number of options when considering the installation of a central host system to monitor and control field operations. These options generally fall into two categories as described below

What’s In Your Pipeline? (and Do You Really Want To Know?)

Author: David J. FishDownload File

With the current demand for improved technologies in the area of natural gas measurement, the rush to the market place is raising as many questions as it is answering. In the last 25 years, the natural gas pipeline industry has transitioned from the supplier of clean, dry gas to the mover of billable gas energy; […]