Papers: 2004

D.o.t. Title 49 Regulations For Transportation Of Sample Containers

Author: Tom WelkerDownload File

During my travels around the United States talking about sampling and sample containers, it has come to my attention that the oil and gas industry in the United States needs to be a little better informed on proper handling, shipping, and transportation of sample containers of all types. Since everybody in the oil, gas, and […]

Scada And Telemetry In Gas Transmission Systems An Overview Of Scada Telemetry, Information, Security And Use In The Transmission System

Author: Chris J. SmithDownload File

Modern business and security imperatives coupled with rapid technological change require key new architectural elements for SCADA systems These elements are discussed along with more traditional block diagram fundamentals, so that the reader might better understand migration and adaptation strategies for their transmission pipeline operations in the new millennium

“advanced Communication Design”

Author: Bob HalfordDownload File

A part of the decision making process when selecting the specific wireless communication devices for a project should be a complete understanding of all the challenges and needs of the project. If you have completed the Telemetry Questionnaire outlined in the Basic paper, you have answered most of the questions necessary to understand the requirements […]

Operator Qualification Understanding Operator Qualification Program Compliance

Author: Michael D. ReaganDownload File

The United States Department of Transportation, Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA), Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) held the opinion that actions of personnel operating and maintaining pipelines and pipeline facilities was a significant contributing factor to pipeline accidents. While accident reporting criteria established by OPS did not clearly indicate that personnel error was a […]

The Methods To Determine The Proper Odorization Of Natural Gas

Author: Paul WehnertDownload File

Proper odorant monitoring is required to keep natural gas utilities under compliance with federal and state regulations. These monitoring requirements are generally handled through a combination of events including; injection rate calculations, customer complaint calls, routine service personnel tests, odor concentration tests and chromatographic analysis. In the world today it is critical to have appropriate […]

Grounding Practices For Automation Controls

Author: Alan RebeckDownload File

Whether lightning damage or lightning voltages induced between equipment cabinets as a result of multi-grounding causing mis-operation of computerized electronics, improper grounding can account for up to 40 percent of power-related problems including costly damage and downtime. In addition, transient overvoltages—a high voltage spike or impulse of very short duration—can account for another 40 percent […]

Periodic Inspection Of Regulators And Relief Valves

Author: James M. DoyleDownload File

Inspections and tests on regulators and relief valves are a Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance rule. The sections within the DOT manual stating the rule include 192.351 through 192.359, 192.751, 192.479, 192.481, 192.739, and 192.741. Keep in mind; these rules are the minimum required tests. Your company or governing regulatory agency may be more stringent […]