Papers: 2004

A Review Of The Revisions To Api 14.3 / Aga 3 – Part 2

Author: Tom CatheyDownload File

In April of 2003, revisions to the specification and installation requirements for orifice meters was published by the American Gas Association in the form of the AGA Report No. 3 – Part 2, Fourth Edition. The revisions or changes in the following categories are significant when compared to the 1991 Third Edition publication of AGA […]

Aga Calculations — Old Vs New

Author: Brent E. BerryDownload File

This paper is intended to help bridge the gap between the Old AGA-3 equation (hereafter referred to as AGA- 3-1985) and the New AGA-3 equation (hereafter referred to as AGA-3-1992). As such the paper begins with a background section aimed at assisting those who are mostly familiar with the factored form of the orifice metering […]

Swri Metering Research Facility Update

Author: Edgar B. Bowles, Jr., Dr. Darin L. George, Eric Kelner Dr. Thomas B. Morrow, Marybeth G. NoredDownload File

The Gas Technology Institute (GTI and formerly known as the Gas Research Institute or GRI) and the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) jointly sponsor a comprehensive flow measurement research, development, and commercialization program aimed, in large part, at improving natural gas metering performance in the field. Recent research has focused on developing new, more cost-effective […]

Transient Lightning Protection For Electronic Measurement Devices

Author: Patrick S. McCurdyDownload File

Technology advances in the world of semiconductors and microprocessors are increasing at a breathtaking pace. The density of transistor population on integrated circuits has increased at a rate unimaginable just a few years ago. The advantages are many: faster data acquisition, real time control, and fully automated factories, to name a few

Report On Api 21.1 Egm Standard

Author: Brent E. BerryDownload File

In September of 1993 API published a new section of the Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards titled Chapter 21 Flow Measurement Using Electronic Metering Systems, Section 1 Electronic Gas Measurement. This report provides an overview of the API 21.1 document with the intent of serving as a primer and something of an introduction to the […]

Understanding The Different Standards That Govern Measurement An Overview Of The Different Standards That Govern Measurement

Author: Ronald E. BeatyDownload File

No national standards for measurement were accepted until the early 1930’s. The use of installation and volumetric calculation procedures required an individual contract agreement for each custody transfer delivery. The founders of the American Gas Association (AGA) commissioned research by the United States National Bureau Standards (NBS) to develop data that would lead to their […]

Ultrasonic Meter Flow Calibrations Considerations And Benifits

Author: Joel ClancyDownload File

The primary method for custody transfer measurement has traditionally been orifice metering. While this method has been a good form of measurement, technology has driven the demand for a new, more effective form of fiscal measurement. Ultrasonic flowmeters have gained popularity in recent years and have become the standard for large volume custody transfer applications […]

Lessons Learned From The Api Chapter 14.1 Gas Sampling Project: An Overview Of Common Causes Of Gas Sample Distortion And Information Needd For Proper Gas Sampling

Author: Eric Kelner, Darin L. GeorgeDownload File

Over the past seven years, the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the United States Minerals Management Service (MMS), have co-sponsored an extensive natural gas sampling methods research program at the GTI Metering Research Facility (MRF), located at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). The results of this research provided a basis for […]

An Overview And Update Of Aga Report No. 9

Author: John LansingDownload File

The American Gas Association published Report No. 9, Measurement of Gas by Multipath Ultrasonic Meters [Ref 1] in June 1998. It is a recommended practice for using ultrasonic meters (USMs) in fiscal (custody) measurement applications. This paper reviews some of history behind the development of AGA Report No. 9 (often referred to as AGA 9), […]

Meter Selection For Various Load Requirements

Author: Mike HaydellDownload File

Gas meters have become known as the “CASH REGISTER” of the natural gas industry. With today’s competitive energy markets and the environment of FERC Order 636, natural gas measurement has become an increasingly important issue. It is therefore the duty of measurement departments to select equipment and design installations that are both efficient and economical