Papers: 2003

Techniques For Natural Gas Composite Sampling

Author: Kris KimmelDownload File

Since a gas sampling system can be referred to as a “cash register” it is very important that the correct sampling method be selected and the appropriate industry standard be followed. Methods reviewed by this paper will include spot sampling, composite sampling, and on-line chromatography. In addition, Gas Processors Association (GPA) 2166-86 and American Petroleum […]

Fundamentals Of Natural Gas Chemistry

Author: Steve WhitmanDownload File

In order to understand the chemistry of natural gas, it is important to be familiar with some basic concepts of general chemistry. Here are some definitions you should know: Matter — anything that has mass and occupies space. Energy — the capacity to do work or transfer heat. Elements — substances that cannot be decomposed […]

Principles Of Operation For Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters

Author: John LansingDownload File

This paper discusses fundamental issues relative to ultrasonic gas flow meters used for measurement of natural gas. A basic review of an ultrasonic meter’s operation is presented to understand the typical operation of today’s Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter (USM). The USM’s diagnostic data, in conjunction with gas composition, pressure and temperature, will be reviewed to […]

Basic Electronics For Field Measurement

Author: Rick HeuerDownload File

Try this at home. We are professionals. If you are able to install your own TV dish satellite system and a wireless home network for PCs, you have a head start on installing and maintaining electronic field measurement equipment

Fundamentals Of Gas Laws

Author: John ChisholmDownload File

In the gas industry a standard unit of measure is required. In the English system it is the standard cubic foot. In the metric, it is the standard cubic meter. This standard unit is the basis of all exchange in the gas industry. When the unit of purchase is the energy content (BTU) we achieve […]