Papers: 2003

North American Energy Standars Board As A Case Study

Author: Cynthia CorcoranDownload File

WHY STANDARDS? • Commercial interest: to facilitate commerce by lowering transaction (production/distribution, etc.) costs • Governmental interest: to facilitate a competitive commercial environment and serve the governmental interests of public health, safety and preservation of competition

Chart Auditing

Author: Tom TauerDownload File

Gas chart auditing can be one of the more interesting and rewarding segments of chart processing. While performing a valuable service for the customer or person requesting the audit, it can give the auditor a chance to use his or her chart expertise that could become stagnate with only routine chart processing. The chart auditor […]

From Pen Tip To Volume Statement

Author: David PulleyDownload File

Accurate and reliable gas measurement depends on a combination of efforts from two groups of people. First, we have the field personnel. They have the responsibility of seeing that a readable chart is produced and that all information pertinent to volume calculation is supplied to our next group, which is the office personnel. This group […]

Overall Measurement Accuracy — Determination And Influence

Author: Paul J. La NasaDownload File

This paper presents methods for determining the uncertainty of both differential and positive metering stations. It takes into account the type of meter, number of meters in parallel, type of secondary instruments, and the determination of physical properties. The paper then relates this information to potential influence on system balance

Communication Between Office And Field

Author: Duane A. HarrisDownload File

The gas industry today is constantly changing, with increasing demands on office and field personnel. Initially there was FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) Order 636 that forced the gas measurement departments into the electronic age. Next came corporate slashing that has required the gas measurement groups to perform at the same level of integrity in […]

Basic Applications Of Telemetering Systems Class #3050

Author: Stephen R. CreeDownload File

Telemetering, or transporting information, has been with man from the first days of recorded history, at first in primitive forms such as grunts and smoke signals; more recently [in the past hundred years] in progressively sophisticated forms including radio and satellite systems. Harnessing electricity led to the “magic” of telephony. Telegraphs, and later telephones employ […]

Training Field Measurement Personnel

Author: Russel W. TreatDownload File

Technology in the field of gas measurement and control is constantly evolving. While many are well training in the specific equipment used in their own company’s operation, it is important to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals and theory of operation of the mechanical and physical process involved as well. Therefore, the training of […]

Automating Gas Measurement

Author: Richard L. ClineDownload File

Since the discovery of oil and gas and the advent of commercial conveniences, which use oil and gas, companies have been confronted with the need to accurately measure the oil and gas bought and sold in the marketplace. And, as usual, the technology available at the time was brought to bear on the measurement process

New Trends In Measuring Natural Gas Flow Rates

Author: Charlie HarrisDownload File

Traditionally, the flow of natural gas has been measured by a combination of pressure transducers, smart transmitters, and flow computers. In the earliest types of natural gas flow measurement, transducers and transmitters were connected to flow computers to calculate natural gas flow rates. In terms of the real measurements, these transducers and transmitters served as […]

Fundamentals Of Natural Gas Safety

Author: Linton T. LipscombDownload File

Natural Gas: A combustible mixture of methane and higher hydrocarbons used chiefly as fuel and raw material. To safely produce natural gas and natural gas products, a basic understanding of the hazards of the material itself and the processes required to bring it to market is essential. Let’s start out with the hazards of natural […]