Papers: 2003

An Overview Of The Mccrometer V-cone Meter American School Of Gas Measurement Technology 2003

Author: Dr. RJW Peters, Dr. R. StevenDownload File

The V-Cone meter is a differential pressure (DP) type meter patented by McCrometer Inc. a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation. The V-Cone meter is in many respects a classical DP meter using the physical laws of the conservation of mass and energy as its principle of operation. However, there are important differences between the V-Cone meter […]

Fundamentals Of Egm — Electrical Installations

Author: Michael D. PriceDownload File

The areas of gas measurement and communications have seen substantial changes in the last few years as the natural gas industry adapts to effects of the economy, fluctuating gas prices, warm winters and government deregulation. Every energy delivery company has studied, debated, hired consultants, and finally determined how gas flow data is to be measured […]

Methods Of Gathering Egm Data

Author: Dennis KlineDownload File

As competition, deregulation and economic health among utilities becomes more intense, capital expenditures and cost reductions become high priorities — yet operational control and system reliability are more important today than ever before. Coupled with rapidly changing technology, this paradox presents a unique challenge for the efficient design and operation of a remote Electronic Gas […]

Internet Based Measurement Monitoring & Control

Author: Jeffery PerrinDownload File

Bringing measurement and control to the Internet gives companies more cost effective systems for measuring, monitoring and controlling of oil and gas processes. These types of systems help companies with their current optimized resources by providing their employees data anywhere and anytime

Electronic Gas Measurement Auditing

Author: Kenneth W. BlackburnDownload File

It has been stated that measurement is the cash register in the exchange of natural gas. The natural gas business is based on the buying and selling of this commodity. Measurement is responsible for balancing the input (buying) and output (selling). Errors, on either side of this equation, affect the balance the entire business is […]

Conversion From Volume To Energy Measurement

Author: Radhey S. ThakralDownload File

The purchase, transport, and sale of natural gas as a commodity with a specific energy value per cubic foot has transformed the natural gas industry from one of a system based on volume measurement to a system based on energy measurement. The following discussion will review the evolution of natural gas industry from a system […]

Training Of Office Measurement Personnel

Author: Tom ClevelandDownload File

It has long been held that the measurement function is the “cash register” for the energy industry. Other facts that relate to measurement are that it involves the application of scientific laws, knowledge of physical properties, application of mathematics, and facilitated in an environment based on industry standards and company policies and procedures. Also, ask […]

Gas Contracts: Then And Now

Author: Mark B. Fillman, Gary P. MenzelDownload File

Our industry has seen tremendous progress in the accuracy of natural gas measurement since the implementation of electronic gas measurement (EGM) in the 1980s. With respect to orifice measurement, the transition from mechanical chart recorders to EGM had an unprecedented impact on our ability to measure natural gas and adjust to market demands throughout the […]

Fundamental Principles Of Pressure Regulators

Author: Kevin ShawDownload File

The following paper will concentrate on the fundamentals and principles of natural gas pressure regulators. In the gas regulator’s conception it was mainly a device used to reduce high pressure to a more usable lower pressure. Today, more is expected from the performance of the pressure regulator. Pressure reduction is no longer the only function […]

Requirements Of An Egm Editor

Author: R. Michael SquyresDownload File

The natural gas industry has adopted EGM as a means of increasing the speed and accuracy with which measurement information is obtained. This has created the need for an electronic data management system. These systems, if not properly designed and implemented, could potentially render the entire process useless. Therefore, it is essential that the system […]