Papers: 2002

Instruments For The Determination Of Specific Gravity / Relative Density Of Gas

Author: Myles J. McDonough, Jr.Download File

The terms Specific Gravity and Relative Density have been used for a number of years. Yet there seems to be some confusion over what exactly they mean. Specific Gravity is formally defined as the ratio of gas density to air density when both are at standard conditions of 0 Degree C and 760 mm. Over […]

Unaccounted-for Gas

Author: Mike HaydellDownload File

Unaccounted-for gas can be defined as the “difference between the amount of gas purchased and the amount of gas sold through a measured gas distribution system.” This difference is commonly described as a percentage of gas purchased: “PERCENT UNACCOUNTED-FOR GAS”

Telemetry Via Internet For Ldcs

Author: Joe CusimanoDownload File

Commercial Telemetry & Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are rapidly embracing Internet and Intranet technologies to remain competitive. These developing technologies offer many opportunities and challenges for the Natural Gas industry. As a technology, issues such as security, performance, availability, reliability and methods will be discussed. The presentation will demonstrate hands-on techniques

Elements Of Gas Mixture Production

Author: Scott MartinezDownload File

The gas standards manufacturing industry is driven by such terms as quality, accuracy and traceability. Many times these terms become confusing and are often incorrectly interpreted and used by individuals who do not fully understand their meaning. It is true that all three are interrelated and when correctly referenced represent a pinnacle of a product […]