Papers: 2002

Electronic Gas Measurement Auditing

Author: Joe LandesDownload File

Auditing electronic gas measurement information demands a thorough knowledge of both field and office measurement procedures and as much information from the primary, secondary and ancillary equipment as possible. Despite equipment advances in the electronic measurement field, today’s auditor finds the demands of investigating electronic measurement differ little from auditing chart-based in the amount of […]

Communication Between Office And Field Personnel

Author: Duane A. HarrisDownload File

The gas industry today is constantly changing, with increasing demands on office and field personnel. Initially there was FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) Order 636 that forced the gas measurement departments into the electronic age. Next came corporate slashing that has required the gas measurement groups to perform at the same level of integrity in […]

Gti Metering Research Facility Update

Author: Edgar B. Bowles, Marybeth G. NoredDownload File

The Gas Technology Institute (formerly the Gas Research Institute) sponsors a comprehensive flow measurement research, development, and commercialization (RD&C) program aimed at improving natural gas metering performance in the field. This paper summarizes some of the recent accomplishments of the research program at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) Metering Research Facility (MRF), a high-accuracy natural […]

Aga Calculations — Old Vs New

Author: Brent E. BerryDownload File

This paper is intended to help bridge the gap between the Old AGA-3 equation (hereafter referred to as AGA- 3-1985) and the New AGA-3 equation (hereafter referred to as AGA-3-1992). As such the paper begins with a background section aimed at assisting those who are mostly familiar with the factored form of the orifice metering […]

A Review Of The 2000 Revisions To Ansi 2530/api Mpms 14.3/aga Report No. 3 – Part2

Author: Paul J. LaNasaDownload File

Periodically, natural gas measurement standards are created or revised. In the period 1993 through 1999 Part 2 of ANSI 2530/API MPMS 14.3/AGA Report No 3 underwent revision. It is the intent of this paper to discuss the highlights of this revision

Report On Api 21.1 Egm Standard

Author: Brent E. BerryDownload File

Since this report references both itself and the 21.1 standard, the following nomenclature has been adopted to make it clear which document is being referenced. report – references this document, the one you are now reading. standard references the 21.1 standard, unless otherwise noted. section and subsection both refer to portions of the API 21.1 […]

Transient Lightning Protection For Electronic Measurement Devices

Author: Patrick S. McCurdyDownload File

Technology advances in the world of semiconductors and microprocessors are increasing at a breathtaking pace. The density of transistor population on integrated circuits has increased at a rate unimaginable just a few years ago. The advantages are many: faster data acquisition, real time control, and fully automated factories, to name a few

An Overview And Update Of Aga 9

Author: Charles W. DerrDownload File

The American Gas Association has published (June, 1998) a recommended practice; Report No. 9; Measurement of Gas by Multipath Ultrasonic Meters. This paper reviews some of the key contents of A.G.A.-9 including recommended meter performance requirements, design features, testing procedures, and installation criteria. An update for the committee work in progress for year 2001 and […]

Pulsation Effects On Orifice Metering Considering Primary And Secondary Elements

Author: Robert J. McKeeDownload File

The use of orifices for commercial flow measurement has a long history dating back more than 50 years. Orifices are extensively used in the United States natural gas, petroleum and petro-chemical industries and are important as one of the most practical ways to meter large volumes of gas flow. These meters are very reliable and […]

Basic Electronics For Field Measurement

Author: Don W. GriffiesDownload File

The Natural Gas Industry is utilizing electronic devices in many different and diverse areas. One of the areas that has seen a rapidly growing usage of Electronics is Gas Measurement. Thus many Gas Measurement Technicians have been forced to take on the responsibility of installing and operating Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) devices with little or […]