Papers: 2002

Conversion From Volume To Energy Measurement

Author: Radhey S. ThakralDownload File

The purchase, transport, and sale of natural gas as a commodity with a specific energy value per cubic foot has transformed the natural gas industry from one of a system based on volume measurement to a system based on energy measurement. The following discussion will review the evolution of natural gas industry from a system […]

Overall Measurement Accuracy — Determination And Influence

Author: Paul J. LaNasaDownload File

This paper presents methods for determining the uncertainty of both differential and positive metering stations. It takes into account the type of meter, number of meters in parallel, type of secondary instruments, and the determination of physical properties. The paper then relates this information to potential influence on system balance

Training Office Measurement Personnel

Author: Keith B. FryDownload File

An effective training program makes a significant impact on the bottom line of an organization. Volumes are relative to every purchase and sale of gas. Therefore, accurate volume measurements play either a direct or indirect role in the profitability of all the organizations in our industry. An effective training program is one of the best […]

Cellular Digital Packet Data Technology For Scada And Telemetry Applications

Author: Bob HalfordDownload File

The introduction of Cellular Digital Packet Data technology (CDPD) came about after the build out of the cellular voice systems in the United States. The designers of those systems realized a part of that technology was not being used that could send short burst packets of data without interfering with the voice transmissions. The definition […]

Methods Of Gathering Egm Data

Author: Dennis KlineDownload File

As competition, deregulation and economic health among utilities becomes more intense, capital expenditures and cost reductions become high priorities – yet operational control and system reliability are more important today than ever before. Coupled with rapidly changing technology, this paradox presents a unique challenge for the efficient design and operation of a remote Electronic Gas […]

Internet Based Measurement Monitoring And Control

Author: Jim GriffethDownload File

The use of monitoring and control technology in the oil/ gas industry has experienced a steady evolution that has paralleled the advances in SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and related technologies during the last 30+ years. The most recent of these developments is the use of the Internet to provide monitoring and control of […]

Gas Contracts: Then And Now

Author: Gary P. MenzelDownload File

Our industry has seen tremendous progress in the accuracy of natural gas measurement since the implementation of electronic gas measurement (EGM) in the 1980s. With respect to orifice measurement, the transition from mechanical chart recorders to EGM had an unprecedented impact on our ability to measure natural gas and adjust to market demands throughout the […]

The Gas Industry Standards Board (an Example Of A Public-private Partnership)

Author: Cynthia CorcoranDownload File

The Gas Industry Standards Board (GISB) has been fortunate to develop public-private partnerships with several agencies, and these partnerships have contributed to GISB’s credibility and its success. GISB strives to be responsive to the industry and government agencies through the efforts of its volunteers. Without the commitment of the members and interested industry participants, we […]

Operations Of On-line Chromatographs

Author: John RenfrowDownload File

Gas chromatography is a process to separate individual molecular components of a gas mixture. A sample of gas is distributed between two phases to separate the individual components using a chromatographic system. The chromatographic system consists of the following components: detector, oven, column set, and valve. Static and stationary are the two phases in a […]

Chart Auditing Auditing And Verification Of Measurement At Chart Measurement Stations

Author: Gary P. MenzelDownload File

Auditing of measurement stations is critical to insure proper credit for delivered. Our experience has shown that over 3% of months audited on chart measurement stations have problems that result in a measurement adjustment. Return on investment in auditing should be greater than two to one. If properly installed check measurement exists and is used […]