Papers: 2001

Cellular Digital Packet Data Technology For Scada And Telemetry Applications

Author: Bob HalfordDownload File

The introduction of Cellular Digital Packet Data technology (CDPD) came about after the build out of the cellular voice systems in the United States. The designers of those systems realized a part of that technology was not being used that could send short burst packets of data without interfering with the voice transmissions. The definition […]

Training Office Measurement Personnel

Author: Keith B. FryDownload File

An effective training program makes a significant impact on the bottom line of an organization. Volumes are relative to every purchase and sale of gas. Therefore, accurate volume measurements play either a direct or indirect role in the profitability of all the organizations in our industry. An effective training program is one of the best […]

Overall Measurement Accuracy

Author: Tom ClevelandDownload File

The measurement of hydrocarbon fluids, with an overall measurement accuracy that is acceptable to all involved parties, is a goal most gas measurement organizations strive to meet. The achievement of overall measurement accuracy can be visualized by using an image of a steel chain. One side of the chain is fastened to the true quantity […]

Computer Applications In Chart Processing

Author: Gary P. MenzelDownload File

In recent years, chart recorders have started to give way to electronic gas meters at many locations. However, chart recorders are still being used at many sites and will continue to be used for the foreseeable future. The advances in computer processing that made electronic meters economical can also be used to enhance the reliability […]

Requirements Of An Egm Editor

Author: Michael SquyresDownload File

The natural gas industry‚Äôs adoption of EGM as a means of increasing the speed and accuracy with which measurement information is obtained. This has created the need for an electronic data management system. These systems, if not properly designed and implemented, could potentially render the entire process useless. Therefore, it is essential that the system […]

From Pen Tip To Volume Statement

Author: David PulleyDownload File

Accurate and reliable gas measurement depends on a combination of efforts from two groups of people. First, we have the field personnel. They have the responsibility of seeing that a readable chart is produced and that all information pertinent to volume calculation is supplied to our next group, which is the office personnel. This group […]

Traceability Of Test Instruments

Author: Leo J. BuckonDownload File

Is a measurement being made good and is it as good as the measurement that was made yesterday, a week ago, or a year ago? The question of what is good measurement is asked all the time. This paper reviews what constitutes a good measurement. In addition it discusses the means that have been established […]

Fundamental Principles Of Gas Turbine Meters

Author: Paul G. HoncharDownload File

Throughout the world, gas measurement utilizes two basic principles to measure gas volumes, positive displacement and inferential meters. Positive displacement meters comprise the large majority of measurement devices in use while inferential meters are used primarily for large volume measurement and thus fewer applications

Questions To Ask To Understand The Operator Qualification Program

Author: Jesus RamosDownload File

After a decade of deliberation between government and the pipeline industry, the action of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking requiring qualification for individuals performing covered tasks on a pipeline facility is a reality. The synergistic efforts of the members of the Regulation Negotiation Committee resulted in the authoring of an acceptable proposed rule, Qualification of […]

Scada And Telemetry In Gas Transmission Systems

Author: Gerry BrowneDownload File

A common requirement for gas transmission pipeline systems is to provide a pipeline control system to remotely monitor and operate the pipeline from a central location. This paper presents an overview of the main components of a pipeline control system: 1. Field Instruments, Analyzers and Actuators 2. Controllers 3. Telecommunications 4. SCADA systems 5. Advanced […]